My Resolutions – Six Months On

SPOILER: I *weirdly* have actually completed some of my resolutions…

My Resolutions - Six Months On

I never used to be a big resolution maker because I just knew that I would forget about them and leave the uncompleted. And actually I think I can relate to a lot of people on that one! But having my blog and doing the whole ‘My *insert year* New Years Resolutions’ post every year, has meant I have made some. Queue 2019 resolutions… As we have gone way past the half way mark of this year I wanted to see how well I had already done. I have realised my goals were rather short term goals (hint for next year make them longer) but I have surprisingly completed some! If you would like to throw it back to the original post check it HERE.

As I am very much a goal setter – I like knowing what I am going to hopefully achieve to give me some motivation. Here is a rundown of my resolutions and whether I completed them or not…

A Better Sleeping Pattern

As you can see my resolutions were so thoughtful… And I can’t say I have gotten into a set in stone routine where I go to bed at ‘X’ and wake up at ‘Y’. Because I work part time behind a bar it means that I don’t actually finish sometimes until 1AM. That makes me tired just thinking about it. So okay. Yeah.. this might have been a small fail. But sometimes we just NEED to sleep until 11AM right?! But when I have uni, I do have to get up early and lately I have actually been waking up early too because I have been SUPER busy. So just to get everything I need to done, requires getting up early.

My Resolutions - Six Months On

Lose The Weight I Put On Over Christmas

We all know the whole Christmas binge too well don’t we? ITS CHRISTMAS FOR CHRIST SAKE! We can treat ourselves! With all the vodka, wine, camembert and pigs in blankets that I consumed over the festive period it is natural to be a little squishy. Its just keeping warm right? Even though I know getting ‘lean’ rather than loosing weight is a long term thing. I did actually go to the gym at least twice a week, and that has now been up so I think I smashed this!

Stop Taking Things To Heart/Overthinking Things

This is me, holding my hands up, saying I haven’t done this. HOWEVER it is something that I am still working on and we have 6 months of the year to complete this. I take literally everything to heart. And this affects me most at work normally. But it has gotten to the point where it is getting me down and affecting me, with close friends even telling me I need to stop taking things to heart. There will always be that part of me – especially when it comes to my blog – that if someone says something negative then YES I will be offended. I do realise though to make the last half of the year better I need to take stuff on the chin. But it just means I care a lot right??

My Resolutions - Six Months On

Finance money better.

I literally said in my post ‘I want a car. Simple as.’ AND BOOM. This galllll bought her own car!! Hell yeahhhhh. So I think it is fair to say this one has well and truly been checked off. And guess what?! I have even made monthly spreadsheets to organise my in and out goings. I know!! HOW ORGANISED. Don’t worry there is still room for a good ol’ Topshop spree…

Let me know what your resolutions were and how you are getting on with them!

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