Why Instagram Will Be The Downfall Of Blogging

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Why Instagram Will Be The Downfall Of Blogging

I bet you are screaming at your screens right now asking why I am doing yet another blog post on Instagram? Especially after I had a little rant in my caption the other day *HERE*. But with all the little upgrades, trials and tests the company is currently performing with the situ of getting rid of likes (I will be talking about that soon…) I think it is necessary. With Instagram being one of the biggest forms of income for the majority of bloggers – if the bosses just decided to completely shut it down one day, a lot of us would be a bit stuck. So even though we complain about the platform, or complain about the people complaint about Instagram – we just have to roll with it.

However there is one thing that I will always stick to when it comes to my opinions with the Instagram/blog relationship. Instagram will cause the death of blogging. It already saddens me that blogging no longer is what it used to be. I feel at the top of my blogging game at the moment – but the blogosphere isn’t what it used to be. FACT.

Why Instagram Will Be The Downfall Of Blogging

Before really thinking that blogging could be a source of income, and when it was just a hobby, I didn’t take my Instagram as serious as my post. My photos were from my iPhone camera, barely edited to a high quality but I posted what I wanted. After learning to love my feed I still post what I want to post, but at a higher quality. For the first time I truly feel my feed is right. My photos are taken on my DSLR, I plan my outfits, I have created my own presets and I enjoy that creative freedom. Being able to take time in what I produce and edit it, is something I enjoy.

But now, Instagram isn’t as accepting of that. With fashion being stupidly fast, its all about changing room snaps, and wearing that latest floral TopShop dress. It is now known that iPhone images perform better than ‘professional looking’ images because people want to keep up to date with trends there and then. I get that because when I get a new fancy dress, or some new trainers (I am a sucker for converse) I will be posting it all over my story. There is a hunger to impress as well, so a lot of the time bloggers comply to the iPhone idea.

Why Instagram Will Be The Downfall Of Blogging

Because of this urge for fast fashion, blogs aren’t needed. People might not have the time to read all about that leopard print top you bought from H&M. If they are on the tube or in between meetings they will just want a quick scroll not a five minute read. My heart is in blogging though. I will ALWAYS want to write about my favourite pair of jeans, where I have been going or what food I have been pigging on.

Whether people agree with it or not, blogging is an industry. I don’t want to see a passion I have collapse because of a platform that we also have to rely on. This is not a diss against people who post iPhone pics, or those who don’t blog, more of a ‘I feel you’ post to those who feel the same. I don’t blog and post images for the sake of it, and to get money. I do it because I want to and its something I thoroughly enjoy. If I can pay my way through it as well then that a bonus.

What do you think? Do you think blogging is on a downhill slop or no?

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6 responses to “Why Instagram Will Be The Downfall Of Blogging”

  1. Toni Joanne says:

    I completely agree, sadly. I think I’ll always prefer reading blog posts and getting more content about the subject I’m reading about rather than skimming through a brief post on Instagram, but as you said, not everyone has the time. I don’t either but I like to make the time to catch up on blog posts at least a few times a week. All I can say is I really hope blogging doesn’t die out, as it’s something I’ve grown to love and something I’ve even delved into now even though I’m such a newbie. <3

  2. Lauren Brooker says:

    I love reading blogs and I don’t think Instagram will ever change that! It’s such a good escapism for me and I enjoy creating posts as well. I don’t think blogging is on the way out because there will always be someone somewhere wanting to share their thoughts in a written style xx

    Lauren | itslaurenvictoria.co.uk

  3. Emma Lisa says:

    I completely agree with this! When I first started blogging writing a blog was the main thing and Instagram came second. I’ve definitely noticed a shift in focus from blogging to Instagram over the last year or so. Such a shame because I still love reading and writing blog posts x


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