How To Avoid The Last Minute Deadline Panic

Heres that little pocket rocket to shove up your ass if you are ALWAYS a victim of the last min deadline panic…

How To Avoid The Last Minute Deadline Panic

I think one of the most talked about things at uni this year was how stressed and panicked we all were with a deadline fast approaching. Well that and what we will be grabbing at maccies for lunch. Deadlines are FAB. Thats a sentence nobody has ever said before. Whether we like them or not even if its just to meet a friend, deadlines are there. I admit I am better with long deadlines rather than short ones. Give me three months for a module at uni and I know how to plan my time well. I am then not doing the whole all nighter stint that a lot of my friends know to a tee… When it comes to deadlines for my blog – trying to upload at five a.m every Monday, Wednesday and Friday is another story.

But just imagine being able to say ‘YOU KNOW WHAT I am really ahead of work right now!’. I am actually that friend at uni, because I have that ‘Get It Done When You Get Given It’ mentality. I just get too damn bored watching Netflix all day so I will just crack on with my work. So wouldn’t it be nice? Being caught up and not binging on double expressos at 4am to meet you 9am deadline?? These are my tips…

How To Avoid The Last Minute Deadline Panic

If you have a deadline in a few months/a year then set a plan.

It’s a nice feeling knowing you have a big ol’ amount of time to get your work done. But that often means you have 10x the amount of work to actually do. And the most likely thing is you have other crap going on in your life meaning you can’t devote 100% attention to this one deadline. So by making a PLAN using frequent reminders you will know what you have to do and when to do it. If you divvy out the work equally there will not be that last minute panic. You will be less stressed. You can work on the quality of your work more (no sentences that don’t actually make sense) and you can enjoy the smug feeling of being done on time! It doesn’t have to be hours a day. Maybe like an hour or two… thats doable right?

If your deadline is IMMINENT then its time to prioritise.

Right okay. You can feel that adrenaline running through you and you are starring at your work not knowing where the hell to even start?? As easy as it sounds to just climb back into bed and sleep through your deadline instead that isn’t going to get you anywhere. But boyyy do I feel you. There are only twenty four hours in a day, but if you work every single waking hour then you will burnout.

Once you have you list of everything you need for the deadline, work out what you can say goodbye to until your deadline is up. Send some apologetic emails, use your best puppy dog eyes and work out what is the most important. When I had my last uni deadline, I had to blog less. I had to realise ‘No I can’t go out and get brunch’ because I can do that another time. Just a little jiggle of your social planner really.

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