How To Revive Old Clothing

… an ode to the classics living at the back of the wardrobe – lets revive those old clothes.

How To Revive Old Clothing

I have two things that I have been splashing the cash out on lately. One – my new car. Two – food. I feel very grown up saying that. But with petrol and prezzos calling me I don’t have as much money to spend on hauls as I used to do. I made my way though £40 of petrol in the first week of using my car?? Proper money guzzler that car is. Whether its your car, your home, your kids, your bills etc… that it eating away at the little pennies we have, we have to make cuts. But not being able to buy that trending leopard print shirt you love isn’t the be all and end all. So who wants to save money and still look trendy eh??

It is a lot easier than you think to make new items feel like you have just taken the tag off of them! But first that means digging them out of the depths of your wardrobe…

How To Revive Old Clothing

Find your inspiration.

If I am ever in doubt about what to wear I will take a little stalk on Pinterest. This is the holy grail of inspiration apps from everything to blogs or fashion. I mean if you aren’t using it what are you doing?? If you have a shirt you can’t style then just type in ‘blue striped shirt’ and endless of options will come up. I will often do this when I am in a mid-getting-ready-panic and have no clue what to wear. My style board is my biggest and my proudest board because of all the options I have given myself.

Layers are key.

Layers are the best way to kind of jazzzz up an outfit. Want to pop those dungarees on? Grab an old tee. Want to wear that dress? Put a black top underneath. Adding a few t-shirts to an outfit, or a cardigan on top of a cami you can create a whole new look. my go to at the moment is a long sleeve black tee, my white silk camisole, and my blue mom jeans. Keep it light so you don’t sweat your ass off, but layers hide excess fabric SO WELL.

Add a knot in it.

At the moment, you can guarantee that the top I am wearing will have a knot in it. Whether it is a t-shirt or a shirt, tying them at the front just adds that touch to an outfit that it didn’t have before. It is also perfect for summer when you don’t want that heavy shirt/workwear look. You can take the two sides and tie them up with a cute bralette underneath. And for tops that don’t tie easily? Grab a hairband!

Say goodbye to the norm.

This top I am wearing in these pics is actually an old Hard Rock cafe top that was my mums. Its not from Topshop, Zara or Gucci. Just out of my mums wardrobe. And I love it. I wear it often with the sleeves rolled up, with my dungarees or black jeans. The limit is actually endless. So if you don’t feel like you can wear something in your wardrobe have a dig in your parents, your boy/girlfriends wardrobe or your sisters. You will find something! With their permission of course…

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  1. Elisha says:

    Love this, I’m in the same boat too! Knots make anything better🤙

  2. Rebecca says:

    I love this post! I’ve definitely been spending too much money this summer and I just want to keep buying clothes, but these tips are so handy 👍

  3. I am al about repurposing clothing I already own. A house, two kids and a mild skincare addiction really leaves not much money for impulse fashion buys.

    Linda, Libra, Loca: Beauty, Baby and Backpacking

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