Unrealistic Blogging Standards To Be Aware Of

…and no blogging isn’t just ‘Look at me look at me and all these freebies’.

Unrealistic Blogging Standards To Be Aware Of

Before getting into the nitty gritty of this post I just want to put it out there that this isn’t a post bragging about receiving free goods, PR releases or clothing bits… BeCaUsE i GeT sO mUcH fReE sTuFf… I just want to highlight that blogging isn’t the pinnacle of the real world.

This morning I had the postman make me sign for another very kindly gifted package. I opened it up and realised it was a beautiful silver necklace which the brand let me chose a few days before. Two days ago it was two t-shirts and a tote bag that rustled their way through my letterbox. Because of blogging my skincare collection is one way bigger than I actually need. NO I am not complaining, but still, if I wasn’t blogging, I probably wouldn’t spend the money on ‘this micro embellishing polishing SPF30’ cream.

Unrealistic Blogging Standards To Be Aware Of

I love watching YouTube PO box hauls. I don’t see them as a way of bragging. From experience, I know the work that fellow bloggers/vloggers put into growing and maintaining their social channels that the gifts they receive is a little ‘Thank you’ almost. I also like to be kept up to date of the latest beauty products, gadgets and hair care products on the market.

“But the day-to-day person doesn’t need or WILL EVER need every single foundation shade.”

However I would agree that it does paint some unrealistic version of what our lives should be like. I really admire those who get gifted every foundation and every shade from brands. Come on the Fenty Beauty PR release must be like an early Christmas present. But the day-to-day person doesn’t need or WILL EVER need every single foundation shade. Who has the space to sort it for starters??

Influencers won’t share posts just about what they have bought – the ’10 Makeup Bits I Have Been Loving’ will include gifted items. YES it should all be labelled that they have been gifted, still bloggers won’t go into Boots and pick it off the shelf.

Unrealistic Blogging Standards To Be Aware Of

Days aren’t just brunches and the most beaut cafes.

Another unrealistic blogging standard is that the lives that bloggers lead are exciting, non-stop and full of beautiful brunches (I wish). I gawp at some of the beautiful locations my favourite Instagrammers pose in, and the holiday locations they get to visit. Its the dream life right?! However I know from personal experience, and from reading other bloggers opinions too, that it is much further than the truth. On days where we are shooting on location, in nice cafes, or those London hotspots, they can be LONGGG days. You don’t just get that perfect photo straight away. And if its raining… well its waiting for it to stop under that bus shelter. Or in my case, if I want to get some photos, its waiting for my mum to come back from work. Then I drag her out to get some photos for me. I try and get more than one outfit shot so its the awkward getting changed in the car scenario and hoping nobody walks past.

When we aren’t creating content?? Its PJs and coffee fuelled desk/sofa work days. Getting that boring admin done, communicating on social media and writing the blog posts. Currently I have written three blog posts today whilst going through a weeks worth of Four In The Bed. Not so glamorous eh???

So if you are having a scroll through a bloggers page, then that chance of that moisturiser being gifted is high. Their glossy locks are extensions that have been paid for. Or they aren’t actually having brunch at the most expensive cafes every single day. Don’t get worked up if that is not your reality because its definitely not mine either.

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8 responses to “Unrealistic Blogging Standards To Be Aware Of”

  1. Lauren Brooker says:

    This is such an important topic! I try to be as aware of the whole highlight reel and that not everything you see is the reality. But I think we are all getting better at showing the not so good stuff as well. I think it’s good to show a more real side whilst having the creative freedom and freedom of fun to be able to produce high quality stunning content as well x

    Lauren | itslaurenvictoria.co.uk

    • Emily Clare says:

      I love when people share the badder parts of their day and then show it can get better, such a good reality check and opening up can help yourself too!

  2. Loved all the points you touched on. It really is an important topic that has to be discussed!

  3. I love this post Emily, everything you’ve said is so true and honest. We live in such a social media-controlled society that we think brunching is our favourite bloggers day to day life. It’s so not true! The reality of me writing up a blog post is slouching on the sofa watching Harry Potter trying to get out of writers block! x

    Kay ¦ https://kayleigh-williams.blogspot.com/

  4. Gem Smith says:

    Such an important topic! Really love this post, very true points x

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