My New Desk Tour

Where I got all my desk bits and why I felt like I needed an office area…

I honestly was itching to get my hands on a new desk for my room even before I broke up from my first year at university. I felt like a kid in a candy shop when looking for one! Luckily, I have been living at home for my uni stint which gives me room for a office area in my bedroom. Instead of hunching over my Mac, sat on the sofa and getting distracted by the endless amounts of scrolling on Netflix, I have a new desk area. Although its not 100% there, I thought I would show you as I have NEVER done an interior post before. HEY first interior post HEY!

I really wanted to create a professional space, where I can work from on the daily. I would always sit downstairs to do any uni/blog work and it wasn’t the best set up. By creating an office part to my room I can keep everything all in one place, organise things much better. But most importantly it actually makes me more motivated to do a bit of work!!

I try my hardest to keep my desk area clean and free of junk, because during the day I am sure to accumulate random bits and bobs on. For example, whilst I am right this I am staring at my crumpled up bit of paper reminding me of uni work, an odd blob of blue tac and my dirty mug from my 4th coffee of the day. The only bits of stationary I keep on my desk is my pen, because I don’t need anything else. Other bits are kept else where scattered around the house. That means the only other ‘office essentials’ that I keep on my desk is my Dot Creates Blog Planner (aka the life saver), my Paperchase daily desk planner (BOO – its been discontinued) and a random notepad which I picked up on a uni tour.

You can also find a few other homely bits and bobs on my desk. There will always be a candle at some sort on my desk. At the moment we are featuring a delightful (and VERY affordable) IKEA candle which is lasting forrreeevvvver! I have my two prints on my desk – my Gangsters Paradise Print from Honey Moon Hotel and my Rise and Shine Print which is from the same shop. I am an absolute sucker for a good print, and when I found Honeymoon Hotel I literally FELL IN LOVE.

Then, I also like to keep a bit of greenery on the desk. I have to be honest… the spiky plant ain’t real babes. SOZ. I am not very good at keep plants alive so it is the best option. This plant was from Next Home and I just loved the stand and pot. I also happened to pick up some peonies hence why they are there too. Tesco bargain – lets bring back peony season yeah?

Oh and I should probably mention the desk! Before I had a big ass navy desk, which was originally wood colour from John Lewis. It was a huge desk for when I did A-Level revision and I didn’t need one that big any more. I loved some of the desks from places like West Elm and Cult Furniture, but my student budget couldn’t stretch that far. Then I discovered WayFair. I got this desk as I loved the hair pin legs and it was just about the right size.

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  1. Gianna says:

    So aesthetic and cute!!

  2. Vera Stuart says:

    Oh wow! I love how you’ve composed everything together. <3

  3. Kitty Niamh says:

    I love your little space, it’s so cute! 💛

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