Why You Should Start A Blog

Why You Should Start A Blog

REAL TALK. LET’S MAKE THAT BLOG… You never know where it might lead you.

Why You Should Start A Blog

For many bloggers, the MOST asked question that you will get in a Q+A or an Instagram Story poll is ‘How/Why did you start your blog?‘. I know it is a question that I find myself answering over and over again (so yes this is a response to it) but I also see others wondering if they should start a blog. I get DMs about how to and whether people should. Its crazy to me how the word ‘blogging’ now is an internationally recognised career or hobby by millions of people. Throwing it back to the days where I created ‘Beauty Anion’ and then three weeks later deleting it and creating this blog. However that was actually only three years ago… blogging is much MUCH older than that. The only thing that is different now is that its VERY popular.

Me personally? I started my blog because I want to upload content, but not onto YouTube. I felt like YouTube was a much more personal space and I didn’t want to open myself up like that. So blogging was a way for me to publish content that I wanted to, and discuss what I wanted to, all behind the screen of my laptop. Simple right?! And before we get into this blog post, I am not talking about Instagram blogs just on Insta… Noooo I am talking about the big boy world of owning your own URL and everything.

Why You Should Start A Blog
Why You Should Start A Blog

The creative freedom.

Starting a blog might seem like a bit of a daunting process however its really not. With your blog, becomes this little slice of the internet that is your own. You can publish what you want, and others who share the same thoughts or interests can connect with you through that. The content you produce is YOUR content and the limits are endless. If you are a creative person then it is just another platform to create some sort of art work.

You can meet new people.

Your real life friends might be fun, but have you ever made internet friends?? I am in a few little blogger group chats with people I have met through the platform and I love it. You all share the same passion and what to help each other grow. When I went to my first PR event at John Lewis I met some amazing bloggers, who I still speak to regularly. I also talk to local bloggers on the regular – which is cool meeting people who are so close to you so you can meet and do shoots etc!

Blogging comes with its pros.

I didn’t just want to slide the ‘you will make money’ option in there because I want to keep this real. You won’t make money from the off, and a lot of bloggers won’t ever make money. But if you are savvy with your ads, build a sustained following then brands will contact you. You can get products for free to review and build partnerships with brands. There are some pros like this – but just remember they don’t happen overnight.

Its fun.

Its as simple as that really. I have had my ups and downs with my blog I won’t deny that. But currently I am in a place with my blog where I AM LOVING publishing new content. I am writing what I want to write and its a release from every day life. Whether you want to write about makeup, life, growing up or fashion, you can take it any angle you want and others will connect with you about the same thing.

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  1. I’m new to blogging myself . My friend who is also a blogger kept telling me I’d be good at it . I wasn’t very sure , but eventually after reading some of her blogs . I’ve taken the plunge . Since I began about a week ago now . I feel so positive about life . I’ve blogged about myself being a qualified nail technician and about some foundation I bought amongst other things . I’m loving it . I’m reviewing some Avon products I’ve been given soon too . Don’t know why I took do long to join the fun xx

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