Being Aware Of My Personal Style

Being Aware Of My Personal Style

Why I am aware of what my personal style is and how to realise yours…

Being Aware Of My Personal Style

‘Oh I like that dress’ and ‘That dress would suit you so much’ are just a couple of the stereotypical ‘shopping comments’. My mum and me have always joked that our fashion tastes are incredibly different. And I am also known to be very straight to the point. On the rare occasion we go shopping together and she see something she likes and I don’t I won’t threat to tell her. I always find myself complimenting other bloggers saying ‘That dress is so you!’ and others like it. But is it really??? To a certain extent we all know our personal styles. You might like bold colours, clashing prints or a flared trouser. But I feel you if you are sat there thinking ‘What the eff if my style???’.

Since I have been cutting down on shopping for clothes I have come to a realisation of the clothes that I feel comfortable in and the clothes I don’t. However this is coming from the girl who has just ordered a new Weekday bikini – shhh it was on sale! This has formed my sort of personal style, something which in comparison to others, is recognisable to me. FOR SURE you will find me in a pair of jeans rather than a skirt – thats my style.

In three words…

If I were to sum up my personal style in three words they would be comfortable, classic and basic. I like my tees with my jeans, my black or white trainers, my denim jackets and my stripes. It is rather seasonal – because in Winter my jumper and coat collection defines me. They are both something I am rather proud of. My style is comfortable because I’d much rather wear my converse with a dress than heels. I wore heels for the first time in a year the other day and WOW the blisters were real. But my wardrobe does contain the classics, the floral dresses, the Little-Black-Dress and that ripped pair of jeans.

Being Aware Of My Personal Style

Saying that, my style does depend on my personality and how I am feeling. When I am working on my blog from home during the week you will find me in my joggers and a plain tee – thats if I even make it out my PJs. The lazy b*tch in me will ALWAYS chose comfort and not dressing up if I have nothing to do. On the other hand, if I am off to uni, going out somewhere nice or have an occasion I will grab my mom jeans, a nice top and I will make an effort. Some statement earrings might make an appearance too.

And for other peoples…

I find myself quite good at picking clothes for other people. I have a quick eye to see what colours suit someone. Or sometimes I will say to myself ‘That will suit…’. Obviously it is a little harder if you don’t know someone, but if I know someone well enough I pick up on their style straight away.

Being Aware Of My Personal Style

In my opinion, personal style is so important. It defines who we are to the outside world, to people who don’t know us and for people to find out our interests. Style can actually help form relationships, boost our confidence in communicating with people. Have you ever not liked what you are wearing and feel your confidence drop instantly… NOW YOU GET ME.

I have read a few blog posts saying how ‘personal style isn’t a thing, it shouldn’t matter and how you can wear what you want’. This is 100% true!! But I think wearing what you want is a part of your style. If you want to wear an all black outfit one day, and then a bright orange pair of trousers then go for it. But letting someone else have a say over what you wear, something that isn’t you, is not having a personal style. Clothes are clothes. A physical product which you can either let define you or not.

Being Aware Of My Personal Style

If you could summarise your personal style in 3 words what would it be???

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6 responses to “Being Aware Of My Personal Style”

  1. realshady007 says:

    Hello Beautiful 🙂

  2. Agreed, wearing what you want is absolutely a part of your style 🙂
    My style is all over the place and completely depends on my mood for the day. One day it’s a jean vest with skulls on, the next it’s a chiffon dress with pearls =P
    I really like the design of your blog, it’s great 🙂

  3. Adell Baker says:

    I think we have a very similar personal style, I want to feel comfortable but classy at the same time. For me I don’t like wasting money on clothes I would hardly wear so I opt for the basics so I can get as much use out of everything as possible.

    Being comfortable in what you wear is one of the key parts of being confident ☺️

    Adell x


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