You Don’t Need Designer Clothes To Be Instaworthy

You Don't Need Designer Clothes To Be Instaworthy

Forget about the Gucci trainers and the Prada handbags or any designer item because YOU DON’T NEED THEM…

You Don't Need Designer Clothes To Be Instaworthy

I have to admit something. If I had to buy one luxury, designer item it would be a pair of Gucci trainers. When it comes to trainers I am a complete and utter sucker for them. I do love the look of designer handbags, and if I had the money I could find plenty that would be on my shopping list. I mean those Gucci trainers with the little gold bee on (had to tag them for you to drool over too) they are STUNNING. And I absolutely adore some of the more extravagant designs out there too. I can’t say the bolder designer would ever feature in my wardrobe, but the designs are beaut. But my one issue with designer stuff…


A higher price tag doesn’t always mean higher quality and I don’t want to be spending THAT amount of money on something that could get ruined easily. More to the point I don’t even have that money! I can’t wait until I am financially stable to be able to afford to treat myself to *some* designer items. For now, I can’t afford it as I have other things to pay for… e.g car, insurance, food.

You Don't Need Designer Clothes To Be Instaworthy
You Don't Need Designer Clothes To Be Instaworthy

But what about instagram?

But now here is the other thing… are you more inclined to like posts and admire them if they include some beaut luxury items??? I know I am. And it makes me want to get my hands on some even more. Hence why people include them in their flatlays or ootd’s. I don’t think it is showing off at all, because you can guarantee if I had a designer handbag it would be on my arm all the time! But does it make you any less ‘instaworthy’ if you don’t have a designer item??

I don’t own any designer items. Nor do I plan to for a while – being a uni student and all that. My Instagram is small and petite sized but it is growing. I haven’t ‘flunked‘ or feel any less worthy about posting photos just because I don’t have the new Chloe bag.

Lets talk dupes.

Then we have dupes. Oh I do love a good dupe I have to admit. I have tested makeup dupes, seen clothing dupes in stores and even big high street stores like Primark and Topshop often make dupes. I have seen a dupe literally THIS WEEK on River Island of a Chloe bag – see here. Dupes are contriversial though. Some of the dupes, especially those like eBay shops which specifically make items to look THE EXACT same as designer items are a bit dodge.

I think that I do a good job dodging that pressure that online content creators are under featuring the new and gorgeous pieces that designers release. But as much as I sit here and talk about it we will always see these designer items on our feeds. Recommending products is a HUGE part of a bloggers job, and I have no issue with that. Whether it is designer or high street products.

Ultimately no one is there saying YOU HAVE to buy a designer product to keep your insta game on point. I don’t think that designer items have anything to do with it. Yeah okay, they are STUNNING to admire on your feed, but its also all about the content your create, your themes, the way you connect with other bloggers. So if you can’t afford the new Louis Vuitton bag or Marc Jacobs piece, its chill, don’t worry. You will still look just as good in your high street clothing!

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