Never Judge A Blogger By Their Instagram

Like covers and books, there is more to someones Instagram than just their feed…

Never Judge A Blogger By Their Instagram

Ahhh surprise surprise another blog post about Instagram! It has been done many before and I will continue to gossip about the ins and outs of algorithms, content and all things gram related. I did a big ol’ planning session about the content I wanted to pop on the blog. I wanted to make it chatty, but relatable. Something that we can all go ‘Ahhhh the feels!!’.

So we are starting here. Instagram is a HUGE part of any bloggers life. It is a pinnacle of the social media world and is where most of us bloggers display out creativity. There is a pressure that comes with Instagram from its crappy algorithms. For example trying to publish good enough content to over come it but still it is an ESSENTIAL part of blogging. I have already spoken about how I love and loathe Instagram at the same time (here) but one thing that really grinds my gears is the way people judge an influencer based on their Instagram feeds.

I have always always ALWAYS had a struggle with accepting my content, and comparing myself to others.

There are so many beautiful feeds, with gorgeous themes, taken in front of some of the most iconic landmarks in the world. I can’t compete with that level of photography, editing skills or location and it got me down. I adore, and am very jealous, of all the photos taken outside shops in London, that all have gushing flower displays. They are beautiful but I like hours away from London so I can’t get content like that.

Its also clear that accounts with perfect feeds, photos outside the most famous sightseeing places and constant streams of new content do the best. I looked at some of my favourite themes, the ones I drool over the most, and I realise they all have over 20,000 followers. Oh for that to be the dream!! I can’t imagine myself ever getting to that rate of followers with the content I am producing now, but I am trying my god damn best to get there.

Never Judge A Blogger By Their Instagram

Meanwhile, whilst I look over all the stunning content that some of my fellow bloggers are making I did realise something. A LOT of Instagrammers and ‘Instagram Influencers’ don’t actually have a physical blog. They instead use their Instagram as a sort of blog. Don’t get me wrong, I am not bashing them as they work equally as hard in producing their content as we all do. But Instagram doesn’t show you the work that influencers who have physical blogs do.

I have recommend people to check my blog out plenty of times on my Instagram page and my stories but majority of the time people won’t. For those under 10,000 followers who can’t use the swipe up facility, there is no incentive for people to take more time out of there day to find out blog. I can guarantee 90% of people who like my Instagram photos won’t have seen my blog before.

There is this genuine passion that I have around blogging and my writing…

I have developed my own little writing style that suits me, I know what content I want to publish on my blog and sometimes my Instagram will be second to that. I won’t just produced Instagram content, it will be based around my blog. Also, I LOVE reading other peoples blogs. *At the moment I am very much interested in The Little Plum by Chloe Plumstead*. I have devoted a lot of time and hard earned cash to my blog, and I don’t think you would realise my blog was at the quality it is if you looked at my Instagram feed.

Yes, having an ABSOLUTELY STUNNING Instagram feed might grasp a few more followers and a bit quicker at that too, creating something a bit more diverse on my blog might too. You don’t see someones blog by having a scroll through their feed. You might find that your favourite Instagrammer only uploads every 6 months, or has a very basic blog layout.

I hope this might have opened your eyes a bit.

What I am trying to say is that the internet it so vast, and what you see at first glare might not be the same if you take 5 mins to really engage with someone. So next time you find a nice Instagram post, take some time to check out their blog, give it some love as you might find your next favourite thing!! Sometimes I do judge books by their covers, but it is NOT something I do with Instagrams and blogging.

I hope you enjoyed this more ranty and relatable post. I think it is just something to think about and get thoughts turning. Let me know what you think in the comments!

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6 responses to “Never Judge A Blogger By Their Instagram”

  1. Kitty Niamh says:

    I completely understand, I too wish I lived closer to beautiful land marks and had better photography/editing skills haha!
    But both your blog and Instagram feed are beautiful, you should be so proud.
    You’re also one of the first blogs I discovered, lending a hand in inspiring me to start my own. 😊
    Keep doing what you’re doing lovely, you’re smashing it 😘
    As always thank you for sharing x

    • Emily Clare says:

      You have no idea how much that means to me. I am always fluttering between whether to keep my blog going or not but to know I have inspired you is why I do it!

  2. Elodie says:

    I totally get you! In fact, I find Instagram one of the hardest platforms to hit publish. I only posted once in 2019 so that’s saying something!

  3. Katy Stephenson says:

    I find it impossible not to compare myself to others on Instagram so I can completely relate! But I love all your content and let’s just stick at it together!

    Also, I completely get what you mean about Instagram not showcasing all the work bloggers do as in my eyes, Instagram is not the same as running a blog and there’s so much more to it!

    Great post gal!

    Katy | http://www.therawrdrobe.com

    • Emily Clare says:

      I keep finding little corners to Instagram, bloggers who I have never seen before but have mutual followers – its like a little hidden depth to the app!

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