Five Things That Have Made Me Smile

Five Things That Have Made Me Smile

Get that big cheesy grin ready and lets get that smile on.

Five Things That Have Made Me Smile

Lets talk about the resting bitch face. Weird way to start a blog post about being happy I KNOW, but hear me out. I reckon we can all pull a decent side eye look, a look that screams ‘Don’t even think about it’ and a look that generally looks like you would rather be anyone else. I would say I am cursed with the resting bitch face. Once I had a boy message me saying he saw me but he didn’t want to talk to me because I looked like I wanted to kill someone… nah hun thats just my face. We can firmly say nothing went any further… But anyway this post is about a good ol’ smile!

I would say my temperament is a bit of a mix. Generally I can be quite happy, but like most of us I get my mood swings. I will right something off straight away if I don’t like it for sure. This year has been more of a challenge on the whole mood side. From heartbreaks, to changing my pill, to reducing how much alcohol I drink I have been through a bit of a rollercoaster. So I thought this blog post might be good in cheering me and you up. In reality everything is fine and dandy, I am just an overemotional wreck sometimes due to a bit of PMS. But whether it is a new podcast, or having a dominos… here are some of the things that make me smile.

Its summer.

Well… I am writing this in hope that the weather will improve. It is mid-JUNE and its still raining! I have been genuinely wearing my winter coats out because its so cold. Like what is going on?? Lets pretend though that we are forecasted the best heatwave ever though ok??? I just love everything about the summer. The weather, the beach trips, the barbecues, the time off, the longer nights, the vast amount of activities you can do. The holidays, the sunbathing, the ice creams, the gin afternoons. IT GETS ME SO EXCITED! I am lucky that because I am just working on my blog, if we have a super nice day I can take that day off and arrange some plans. Sometimes days like that are needed, just as a bit of TLC and to take a breather.

I got a first.

I GOT A BLOODY FIRST IN MY FIRST YEAR AT UNIVERSITY. Yep a f-i-r-s-t!! I got my results back last week and I couldn’t be prouder of myself and everyone on my uni course. I really wanted to get stuck into my course this year, and try my absolute hardest. First year doesn’t actually count towards my final grade… yeah I know annoying! But I wanted to get a first and I did just that. I am probably one of the biggest perfectionists that you will ever meet so I wouldn’t have settled for anything less. That doesn’t mean anything less is bad. I would be chuffed with a 2:1 or 2:2. However I do think success is relative to each person. In other words I am one VERY happy girly with a very big smile! If you want to know more about my first year uni experience read this post…

Five Things That Have Made Me Smile

I’m organised.

For the first time ever… or at least a few good years, I am keeping my planner going. Whatttt?? I don’t think I have ever been this organised as I am now. When I was at uni things got busy. My free time was me time and I didn’t want to sit there and organise in that time. But now I have and it makes me feel like a whole new person! I have my new ‘Blah Blah Blah’ desk planner from Paperchase (I think its been discontinued) for everyday, and my Dot Creates blogging planner own the go and I love it!

Chilled weekends.

As I work behind a bar at a rugby club, between late August and May I work every single weekend. The rugby season is the season where my shifts are constant and I work nearly 4-5 days a week. Now, for a few months it is quieter. It does mean my income is at a low, however I still get regular shifts. The good though?? I have regained my weekends! I have to work the odd Saturday evening, or the odd Sunday, but other than that I am not working the casual 13 hour shift on a Saturday…

When trying to meet with family or friends there I usually that constant disappointment of ‘Oh I can’t I am working’ etc… I so have a little bit more freedom at the moment. This also gives me time for PJs, Netflix and sofa time and a lush Saturday night in. You get the gist…

Concerts and festivals.

There are few events lined up this summer which I am so looking forward to. I am going to see Liam Gallagher next week (!!) and I also have tickets to Boardmasters festival in Newquay. I have seen Liam Gallagher in concert before. We decided to get tickets again, and its in a better venue this time which is exciting! I also am VERY excited about board masters. I have never even stepped foot at a festival before so it might be overwhelming but great at the same time. We only had day tickets for the Saturday as neither me or my friend were keen on camping. But the headlining act is Florence and the Machine. I have dreamed about seeing her live for so long and I can’t believe I am going to get the chance too! Excited is an understatement for sure!

Leave me a list of what is making you smile at the moment!

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  1. Rebecca says:

    I love this post- it’s definitely made me feel more optimistic! I just wish it would start acting like summer too 🙈 Well done on your first as well x

  2. I love the way you began this post!

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