Will The Work I Do Ever Be Enough?

Will The Work I Do Ever Be Enough?

Spoiler Alert: the answer is a big fat YES…

Will The Work I Do Ever Be Enough?

When I was going through a big ol’ blog post planning session before this month started, I decided I wanted to write just chatty, real posts which I think a lot of others would be able to relate to. I also love love love writing those type of posts, it is something I could ramble on forever about. So what is this about work?

One of the main things that I struggle with being a blogger is this simple question: ‘Will The Work I Do Ever Be Enough?’. In the past it has been about my Instagram theme, the way my photography looks and the way my blog is laid out. I am over that. And I am HAPPY about that. I am in a place where I am enjoying what I am creating and I am loving posting it all on my social media. Of course I would love to be able to post the travel photos and pose in the stunning dresses that other bloggers do, but that is not my reality. If someone asks my what my biggest blogging achievement would be, its most likely that.

Will The Work I Do Ever Be Enough?

But now I am still in a bit of a place where I want more. More from my platform, more from the opportunities available, and more response. But what do I mean exactly?? Since finishing my first year at university I have been spending A LOT of time working on my blog and really pushing it. In the words of my brother, a lot of people think ‘I have been sitting on my ass watching TV all day’… not quite bro soz. I bought myself a new desk, new stationary and have made a little home office section to my bedroom. I have the motivation to work and get the most out of my blog. It has been like having a job from home.

Now I have been doing the same routine for a few weeks, engaging on instagram, posting more content, and participating in Facebook groups I have wanted to get something out of it. And I have! But there is that impatient part of me that expects to have gained thousands of followers already. I KNOW that is not very realistic at all.. but we can all hope yeah??

Will The Work I Do Ever Be Enough?

Anyway, I have been worrying that all this work that I am doing, and hope to continue, won’t pay off. What if it has all been a big waste of time? What if I won’t ever been enough? Is the industry too saturated for me to do well? What if I am not interesting enough? What if I started putting effort in too late? All these questions have been whizzing around my head and I am wondering whether I will ever reach my goals.

I know the answer though already. It will pay off… well at least I hope! I have already seen improvements in my Instagram and its stats. In the last three weeks I have gone up nearly 400 followers! I hadn’t seen that much of a growth in 9 months let alone 3 weeks! I need to give myself a bit of a break come on! Thats a good achievement. However I still have goals. Big ones at that too. I want to really pursue my blog and Instagram and I have set my goal to hit 10,000 followers before I go back to uni in October. Thats a HUGE goal but I am hoping it will pay off.

Do you ever hope that the work you are doing is good enough?

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11 responses to “Will The Work I Do Ever Be Enough?”

  1. Great post. Lots for me to think about here as well

  2. I sometimes feel the same, like my blog or instagram aren’t good enough to make it. But I try to think that what will be will be, and I enjoy producing the content so whether I ‘make it’ or not I’m enjoying the journey! That’s amazing you’ve seen your followers go up on insta! Mine never seem to budge! x

    • Emily Clare says:

      I think that is the best way! As long as you are happy with the content you are making! In regards to the instagram – I have worked hours each day on it!! Just connecting and commenting on posts!

  3. I feel this way a lot, but even having a few people tell me my posts have helped them makes all the work worth it, I think.

  4. I definitely feel the same way you do. Before, I put so much pressure on myself that I gave up on my blog. When I came back, I told myself to post what you want and when you want. Though I hope things will come from it, I also want to enjoy it.

  5. Mollie says:

    I’m just starting out and I already feel this way! Persistence is key, just gotta keep going and keep improving all the time! I love your feed though!😊

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