My Current Mindset: Beauty Edition

My Current Mindset: Beauty Edition

Why beauty is not my no1 priority anymore…

My Current Mindset: Beauty Edition

I wouldn’t say I am in this weird place with beauty, however I am not mentally in the same place as I was a few years ago when it comes to makeup. I started this blog primarily as a ‘beauty blog’ – hence the name ‘Emily Clare Beauty’. BIG REGRET. Now we are a few years down the line and my blog is no longer really a beauty blog whatsoever. Yeah I do makeup posts here and there, and some skincare posts too. However I am not doing it to the scale I was before. But thats alright. And I am happy with the content I am making so thats what matters right? I do loveeee gawping at some of the new products coming out, and watching other people make flatlays with them. But I thought I would talk to where my head current it.

My Current Mindset: Beauty Edition

Repurchase or no purchase.

For the last year or so, I have found myself not buying makeup products unless they are repurchases of a holy grail product that has run out. I am talking about my bff The Collection Lasting Perfection Concealer, the Garnier BB Cream and my Nars Sheer Glow Foundation. The products that I use the most and on a daily basis I will of course buy again. But however much the new Fenty beauty stand draws me in and how much I love a good MAC lipstick, I don’t buy them. 15 year old me, would spend all her money on a higher end makeup product, or the latest Tanya Burr Cosmetics products. I think I have just learned a bit of self control tbh…

I’ve grown up.

Now, by no means am I saying that if you splurge on makeup a lot that you need to grow up. ITS FAR FROM THAT. Basically, as I have gotten older, have got a job that provides me with a better income, and have a student loan going on, I have learnt to make better investments. Makeup isn’t my no1 priority on my spending list – unless I need my necessities. I have always been more of a clothes spender, but I also have to spend money on the boring stuff. Printing, insurance, cars, and food. I would much rather spend £30 on a meal or have a cheeky Maccies every now and then than buying the next Morphe Palette.

Space is a slight issue.

I am going through a bit of a transformation process. But this is taking a bit of a while because I have to wait for shelves to be put up, beds to be ordered and my room to be changed. At the moment I store my makeup in little grey boxes on a shelf. But once my wardrobe revamp has happened it will be stored all nicely in there. Until that, and after that I won’t have room to buy makeup each week. In a sense it is good because having less space will make me cut the crap and just keep the things I will use. It will also let me see what I need and don’t need so I can make smart choices. Eyyy look at me!

My Current Mindset: Beauty Edition

My tastes have changed.

As I said above, a few years back if I had any money to spend you can bet it went on makeup. I had a poorly paid Saturday job, so I would either save for the next makeup product being raved about on YouTube or get something from the drugstore. Call me a Granny but today I prefer splashing the cash on a nice new knitted jumper, or bedding to jazz up my bedroom. In today’s society of a throwing away products as the next big thing enters, it is an expensive game. When companies are selling lipsticks for £20, and then a new limited collection is released two weeks later, I found it exhausting to keep up. Get me a nice top which I can wear all year instead PLS.

I rarely wear a full face.

A lot of the time I am at home working on my blog, off to the gym, or doing random bits and bobs and I won’t wear makeup. I will pop some makeup on when I go to uni, meet some friends, go to work or get some blog photos. But that is rarely a full face. If you read my latest blog post about a lazy girls guide to nails, you will know my lazy ass likes to spend as little time on beauty. I am often in a rush and so my everyday makeup routine is something which I have mastered to do in 10 mins. Proud is an understatement. But this means I do skip the whole eyeshadow, winged liner and lipstick ordeal. However this isn’t a biggy to me because I am more of a natural beauty fan.

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  1. Jessica Anna says:

    I can relate to this so much! I used to spend all my money on new products every week, but they just don’t excite me as much anymore. I’ve realised I don’t really like a full face with fancy eyeshadow every day, so why spend the money on yet ANOTHER eye shadow palette? I’ve learnt which products I love, and I’m happy to stick to these ones too. I’d much rather save the money for a day out or holiday!

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