It’s been a while but here we are answering another Q&A…


Its been a bit of a while since my last Q&A. The last one, and the first ever one I actually did was back in November of last year. And to be honest a lot has changed since then. My blog (at least I think) has improved a lot and I have finally found my own sorta of style. However there is one thing that hasn’t changed and that is my love of doing a Q&A. I just bloody love answering your questions!!

I reached out on my Instagram stories asking if you had any questions at all and I got a few cool responses which I just had to answer. Also don’t you just love the Instagram Q+A tool??? I also thought that because I am answering your questions, you could take the opportunity to answer a few of mine too! What are your fave posts to rad? Who is your main inspiration for blogging? Are you a big fan of a mix-match of content or would prefer just one niche?? Okay confusing yes. But I would just love to hear some of your answers!! But onto your questions!!


What are your blog goals? (Ultimate and short term)

My ultimate blog goals would be what most blogger’s ultimate dream is, which is to be a full-time blogger. I want to get to the point where I am getting more out of my blogging than putting in because the last three years I have invested A LOT into my blog. I would love to be able to comfortably financially support myself through my blog!

Short term goals my main one is to get 10K on Instagram by the time I go back to uni in October. This isn’t very short term, but in the grand scheme of things it is. BUT I am very aware it is a VERY adventurous goal haha!

What are your summer plans?

I actually don’t have any big plans for this summer, at least none that I am aware of. I have a few events going on. I have a black tie meal and dance at the end of June and then I am planning on going to Boardmasters music festival at the beginning of August (but only for one day as I don’t do the whole camping scenario).

Biggest blogging inspiration?

This is super easy for me. My biggest blogging inspirations are Anna Newton – the genus behind The Anna Edit, and Poppy Deyes. I have always looked up to them because their blogs are beaut, so well written and their content is similar to what I want to be able to produce. They break the boundaries of having to have a blog ‘niche’ which is what I want to do to! I have recently done a post *love a bit of self-promo* about my favourite bloggers so find that here!

Wardrobe staples?!

I feel like you read my mind with my ‘Essentials Edit’ posts I have been doing!! But if I had to narrow it down to two or three items I would have to say my Topshop Mom Jeans because I feel like if I could wear them everyday I would. Also I would have to throw in my New Look Grey cardigan because since I bought it a month ago I don’t think I have taken it off. And lastly my trusty old converse have to be included as well because for me they are the comfiest trainers I own!

Top three favourite things about the summer?

I always used to say that winter was my favourite season but I have realised that summer is, so narrowing it down to three is so hard. I would have to say the weather. Last year we were so fortunate with like a three month heat wave. I don’t think we will be as lucky this year but if we are I will be SO happy. Secondly it would be having BBQs with friends, because thats when you will find me at my happiest. And also the sea. Because I love going to the beach and having a bit of a surf.

Where in the world would you travel to if money was no object?

There are so many places I want to go. Somewhere hot, that has white sand beaches and clear waters. I think if I had to chose it would be the Maldives. Very cliché but also is an absolute dream!!

What do you pride yourself on most for your blog?

The would have to be my dedication and the strive to keep my blog going. I have been doing it three years now, and it is SO hard to keep going sometimes, finding content to post and the struggles of algorithms. I pride myself in still going!

What has been your fave AD/Gifted opportunity so far?

I am very VERY fortunate for everything I receive and anything that I get because of my blog. So to answer the question honestly I would say everything. However I would say that receiving a Jo Malone perfume is up there because I am a HUGE Jo Malone fan, or the John Lewis and Partners fashion show I went to back in November. I got to see some amazing brands showcase clothing and meet a load of amazing bloggers!

If you could go back in time and do something differently what would you do?

I am one of those people that will look back on literally any situation and wish I had done it differently. Unless it was a really good exerperience or I had fun I would most likely look at anything and wish I would have don it differently. So it is too hard to go back and say. One of the big ones is that when I was in school I started YouTube but I stopped it because of all the mick taking that happened. But it does make me wonder what it could have been like now if I kept at it!

What’s one thing that you are most proud of yourself for achieving?

Hmmmm this was a hard one. Because I think I haven’t had enough experience to really say this one. I still have a lot a head of me and I don’t want to say something for something better to happen. So for now I will say my blog!

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