The Essentials Edit: The Little Black Dress

Aka… One of the three dresses in my wardrobe.

A few weeks ago when going through my wardrobe and looking at what I *needed* to complete my ultimate wardrobe I actually realised I don’t have very many dresses. I gave a load to friends and the charity bag when I last did a wardrobe clear out, but I actually didn’t find myself wearing any. However I feel like a revolutionised woman when it comes to dresses. I have never been the ultimate dressy girl, if I dress up often its with a pair of trousers or jeans, and a nice top. Even my prom outfit was a jumpsuit. I did own one dress (before my my small splurge) which was a white beach dress. It is made out of a linen – I do call it my tea-towel dress as its that sort of fabric but it is perfect for hot weather. I wore it in Croatia, I can dress it up with a leather jacket and some heels, but I also found myself wearing it in the winter with a white long-sleeved top underneath.

However, whether you want to agree with me or not, one dress is not sufficient in a wardrobe. Especially when it is white (can’t wear it when you know red wine will be in the equation). So remember that ASOS haul I did on my insta stories??? Well yeah, I got some dresses in that. One being this ASOS Black Smock Dress. I honestly honestly HONESTLY don’t think a wardrobe is complete without a LBD – little black dress.

So this is why this black smock dress is working for me. I actually ordered a few smock dresses as I had never tried them before but I absolutely adore them on models. It is almost like the mom jean or wide leg trouser of the dress family. There isn’t much shape to it so to say, however it is comfortable, tight at the top and loose in all the right places. Plus it is perfect for meals – because it doesn’t show the bloating! I actually think I have gravitated towards this shape because of its comfort. All my dresses – the little that I do own – are not figure hugging. It is not something I am comfortable with and I know a lot of people feel the same. But the smock does the job well, it is flattering and very VERY cute. It is one of the more versatile dresses too. I wore it with converse as they are the best shoes that I think I have purchased, but you can easily wear a pair of heels with it too. Plus you can be experimental with the arms. If you type ‘black smock dress’ into ASOS you can get an array of different styles, some with longer arms, some with shorter arms, some with no arms. It is completely your choice and that you feel comfortable with. I drifted towards the mid length sleeve but it would still be perfect for summer.

I know that not everyone likes to wear black, and sometimes adding colour to your wardrobe is your style. However as I said above having at least ONE black dress in your wardrobe is ideal. You never know when you might need one. Whether it is for work, or some cocktails with your girls. They are very practical and you always need that more practical alternative. I will link some alternatives like this Long Sleeve Black Smock Dress – which in my opinion is equally as beautttt! Want some details? Then you could try this Wrap Smock with detailing on the back too… how fancy! If you want a bit of colour, then stick around to my blog because I will let you in on one I got very soon!

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