How To Know When You Have Made A Good Style Investment

It’s all about knowing when you have been smart with your hard earned pennies…

We all love to treat ourselves every now and then right? Whether that is having a bar (or ten) of chocolate, having a bit of retail therapy or a glass of wine. It has to be done to keep ourselves sane. But when it comes to having a little splurge in the whole clothing sector, I always find myself saying ‘Oh just get it, treat yourself, you deserve it’ EVERY SINGLE TIME I BUY SOMETHING. I am now actually admitting I do need to stop ‘treating myself’ but I have turned a corner and now only get the definite essentials. The bare to the bone minimum of what I think I need in my wardrobe. Yeah I think I need a Gucci belt, and a Prada handbag, but I am being realistic here. When I am shopping I now pause and think, is this going to work? Will I be able to style this in multiple ways? Is it a basic essential? Do I have anything similar? – Well this goes for everything but striped tops in my opinion because you can never have too many of them…

It might look to my post man that I am draining my bank account of late with all the clothing deliveries but I have been topping up on my ‘Summer Essentials’. YES ESSENTIALS. When I went to Croatia last year I obviously had summer clothes, but they were basic tops, crop tops and short because as gross as it sounds its so hot there you just sweat buckets. So I stuck by the most basic summer outfits – bandeau tops being my go to. English weather isn’t like that though… so I needed something else. But I know that everything I have bought clothing wise lately is going to be an essential in my wardrobe, so here is how to realise when you have also made a good style investment.

You haven’t made a rash decision. I was one of the biggest victims of impulse buying. ‘Victims’. It might have been the younger, and the slightly-obsessed-with-her-new-bank-card me, but still it happened. I am STILL paying the consequences for that – finding items in the back of my wardrobe that I only wore once or twice. But if you have been keeping your eye on something for a while, or have looked into different varieties of that clothing then you know its not something you are just jumping into. The other day I ordered this Pale Grey Oversized Cardigan from New Look after scrolling through plenty of shops to find one (FYI is £10 in the sale you are welcome). This Black Smock Dress from ASOS?? I’ve been on the hunt for an LBD like this for a while. All good things don’t come rushed.

You consider it a basic. We all have the basics in our wardrobe. It’s almost like the backbone to our clothing because would any outfit really be the same without them? I am talking the black jeans, the white tees and the trainers. A basic for you might be your favourite pink dungarees or yellow sandals. If you think it is the basic back bone to your wardrobe that you can then use in ANY outfit, then why not get it? The basics are what keep your wardrobe going and they will be your most worn items, so you will have to replace them more often than not. They don’t need to be anything fancy. For me its my Topshop Jamie or Mom jeans, my white t-shirts and my jumpers. Whatever you need get it.

If you can see yourself wearing it more than once. You sometimes see the prettiest of dresses, or the more gorgeous tops in the shop or on mannequins and you dream of having it. I do it every time I walk in H&M. But can you see yourself wearing it? Ask yourself do you have anything like it? What could you wear with it? Is it suitable to wear all year around? You will then most likely have your answer. I will buy top after top, but I can already have something like in my wardrobe so what is the point? You also need to see yourself wearing it with multiple different things. If you get a top to wear with those trousers, could you then wear it with something else?

You want to wear it straight away. I do that thing when I know I have bought something I well and truly love, I will go home and wear it straight away. Call me a show off I don’t care but if you get something you want to wear straight away then surely its a good sign?? I got this H&M Striped Jersey for an ultimate bargain of £6.99 (I KNOW SO GOOD) and I just want to keep wearing it over and over again. When you buy something make sure you think that way about what ever item of clothing you will be buying – and if its super cheap then thats even better!

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