Why Instagram Is My Best Friend And My Nightmare

Scrolling for fun but a pain to work with…

Ahhhhh Instagram. The app which in my books is one of the most bipolar social media apps. I have done many Instagram inspired posts, but after writing an article for my uni magazine, I wanted to talk about my feelings here too. I know Instagram is the devil when people can buy followers and create artificial algorithms but when I look at my phone stats – it is the app I spend the most time on. It is creative and full of options and settings. Just look at Instagram Stories and IGTV for example. I have never actually sat and watched an IGTV video, however its creating a whole new platform within the app. Do you remember when you first got Instagram however many years ago (if you did) and everyone would use the classic instagram filters? Now look at how advanced it has become. For me, even though I do loathe it, it is the platform that I keep up to date with everything from friends and family, to new fashion trends and beauty products. (I also love it for a good stalk)

But for us creators? Well its a whole different ball game. To say the app is oversaturated is an understatement. There is something like 800 million people on the app, so its a DAILY battle of producing content which will hopefully attract new followers. From years ago to where it is now we see these glossy and attractive lifestyles. Where as I am just sat in a 10AM lecture with my McDonalds breakfast instead of having my ‘Instaworthy’ poached eggs and avocado.

I love Instagram purely because the ability to upload anything you want to your followers is endless. The platform is so simple yet genius and has allowed for people and business to have a base. I use it for outfit inspo, workout guides and to keep up to date with celeb gossip (my secret addiction). I can put my images on there and make a pretty feed. I don’t think any successful blog would be where it is today if it wasn’t for Instagram. It has also allowed me to find other bloggers and people who share my interests. I come from a small town in Devon, so blogging isn’t the ‘done’ thing. Instagram – like other platforms lets me connect into an industry which is otherwise bloody huge!

But on the other side is what I actually really really REALLY don’t like about the platform. There are so many negatives, which obviously the creators didn’t intend for when they made the platform but the reality is that it has happened. However it does come with any social media platform.

I always get really worried and a little bit broken hearted if I take image and upload them onto Instagram for them not to get very many likes. I know its silly but for bloggers, algorithm is everything. I know its partly my fault. I rather lazy when it comes to several things. One being going to the gym, the other being engaging on Instagram. If I did more things like scroll through my feed more frequently, or comment on more photos it would be better. However I don’t always have time for that.

But don’t even get me started on body image. I love seeing pics of ‘body goals’ as a bit of gym and diet motivation after I have had a big weekend of fooding-n-boozing but I can understand why it is damaging. Especially when you have big celebs promoting treats or drinks for weight loss. Imagine the impact on vulnerable people in our society! I am going into a rant and a whole other aspect of Instagram but it gives us something to think about. I blame Instagram for my constant nerves and issues against my one images. I often feel like my images aren’t good enough, or my theme isn’t very professional etc… but why should I think that if I am making content I would want to see??

So what do you think? Is Instagram your best friend or your nightmare?? Let me know below.

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2 responses to “Why Instagram Is My Best Friend And My Nightmare”

  1. Steph says:

    Definitely a love/hate relationship over here too! It can be soul destroying – things I have spent ages on and am really proud of gaining no traction at all, but then a quick blurry mirror shot becoming one of my most popular posts! It’s mind boggling. And I’m not a huge fan of the overly commercial aspect – I tend to follow more of the smaller bloggers these days after a lot of my favourites with a big following seemed to start posting daily ads about the weirdest things! I mean, most of the people I follow I follow for style inspo, so I have nothing against the being sent free clothes as that’s what I’m there to see, but when they suddenly start showing off steam cleaners or waxing lyrical about cereal I find it a real turn off! On the other hand though I found something I didn’t expect when I first joined, and that is a real community feel. Some of the hash tags I follow have led to me making friends with some really wonderful, supportive ladies who have similar interests to me and for that I love it!

    • Emily Clare says:

      There are defiantly pros and cons of it thats for sure! If you are looking for good hashtags for community then I formed one over at #yourfabfeed which you should totally check out!

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