Hair Care Products Sneaking Into My Collection

*This post contains a gifted item*

I think I have gotten to the point with my hair where I can announce I am in a steady and GOOD routine. Hallelujah lets scream thanks at the top of our voices I can finally keep some sort of beauty routine! I have bleached my hair so many times in the last year though that if I didn’t look after my hair and give it that TLC I probably wouldn’t have any left. You are most likely sick of me going on about how I bleached my hair but hey brown to blonde here….

Also being a big fan of the shaking up your hair care routine regularly…. this is where this post came into play. I have mentioned this (very briefly) before but I cannot stress *enough* how important it is to change your routine every now and then. I mean – I’m not qualified hair dresser and I can’t even curl my own hair successfully – however I have learnt from my own experience how it can really help your hair. So whenever I can get my hands on some new bad boys to try I will go for it. I have always had excessively thick hair – like really thick. You wouldn’t have believed I was bold until the age of 2 and then BOOM. I had never touched a drop of dye until I was 15/16 (???) as I was blonde when I was a child and then it just got darker and darker. Looking back on photos with my dark hair SCARES ME. Like who dattttt??

As I said, my hair is now vvvv different and so my routine changes constantly to accommodate that and get my hair looking a million bucks. Whether its a new shampoo, reviving an old conditioner or hair mask YOU NAME IT. But these are just some products that recent have slipped their way into my routine.

CO By Andrew Collinge Hair Moisturiser – (This is a gifted item) Considering I had this post planned, it was perfect time that Andrew Collinge Kindly gifted me this product. I have used it ever since I got it because it is THAT good. With my hair being completely bleached it can get dry very easily if I don’t look after it. So when I asked what product would be the best for me to try I was so relieved when they suggested this. The beauty of this is that you can use it multiple ways, either as a leave in conditioner, or as a heat protectant no matter what type of hair you have. But my favourite bit?? It leaves your hair smelling gorgeous!

John Frieda Frizz Ease Serum – Religiously I would wash my hair in the evening and the blow dry it. There might be a drop of argan oil involved if I was bothered but that was it. Then the next day my hair would be like the ultimate frizz bomb and I just wanted ‘second day hair’ – the best day in my opinion. Then I saw this on my bathroom shelve as my mum purchased it and didn’t use it. I just tried it. And it changed my life. It did everything I wanted and they have a whole collection of products in the same line which I know I will end up trying too. Its affordable and a nice travel size – yep so goodbye holiday humidity frizz. I literally just get out the shower, towel dry my hair very slightly and whack on two pumps of this to tame my hair.

TRESemme Heat Defence Styling Spray – Since starting to care more about my hair, I have also found myself caring more about the way it looks. I have naturally straight hair, however it can sometimes get a bit of a natural wave. Its only very subtle but nowadays I HATE it not being dead straight. Come ON hair chose wavy or straight not both! So I was straightening it daily, and bleach + heat is not a good combo. I bought this heat protectant spray on a whim in hope it would make me feel better about using heat on my hair. Now when I don’t use it I find my hair so dry, frazzled and dead when I put heat on it. This is becoming an ultimate staple for me!

If you think I am leaving out any essentials then recommend me some to try below!

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