The Essentials Edit: The Oversized T-Shirt Dress

Comfort to classy – its always an option…

*This post is a gifted AD for Femme Luxe Finery*

After I did a post a few weeks ago about being a bit more savvy with my spending habits… because they were getting a tad out of hand… I decided to start this new chapter of my blog. YES. OKAY. How many times have I said this and then I NEVER continue it. ALL-THE-BLOODY-TIME. But this is something I am hopefully going to stick to (I say that every time too but I really mean it) because this is now becoming more of a lifestyle for me. I always buy, buy and buy clothing that I probably won’t wear again. It’s very brash spending and it needed to stop.

I did have a little bit of an ASOS splash the other day, however I spent ages choosing the right stuff. Picture me, sat at uni, listening to a bit of Billie Eilish *current fave babe* for literally two hours scrolling through ASOS. Very productive if you ask me…. But I did want to make sure that what I was getting was going to get worn often and I NEEDED new summer clothing.

But this post we are discussing the baggy tee, the hider of the food babies, and the comfiest item in your wardrobe. One of the more underrated items in our wardrobes and often just thrown on when having a lazy day. Yes the BAGGY TEE. When I look at my t-shirt collection I realise a lot of the are more tight fitting, nothing exclusively loose or unshapely. Why would you want anything unshapely though???

See this is why a baggy tee works for me. They are very versatile and I mean the result you can get when styling them are endless. My current go-to is the old tee and leather trouser look because its edgy, and gives me those rocker vibes. The more I think about it the more I realise I tend to gravitate towards looser fitting items. My jumpers are all baggy, I just bought some smock dresses which are baggy, and my most worn tops are baggy. I don’t like anything being to sling or tight fitting – especially if I am out for food because #bloatlikeawhale is a reoccurring issue. Can you see the link now? Want to wear it with trainers? Cool. What about tucking the front in to some jeans? FIT.

At the moment my go to baggy tee is this Black Lips Printed Oversized Long Sleeve Shirt Dress from Femme Luxe. This is lightweight so perfect for this time of year. It is definitely oversized and is very versatile as you can dress it up with a pair of heels and wear it as a dress, or wear it with some leggings for comfort and a nice day look. I think the print is very in right now too.

I always like to offer alternatives and trust me I have done a fair bit of hunting to find a few pieces which I think every single one of you will love. My eyes were instantly drawn to this Lazy Oaf oversized t-shirt dress with forgive the mess embroidery because it is effortlessly cute (Lazy Oaf always have the cutest embellishments) and the colour is just beautiful! If you fancy something on the more affordable side this Pull&bear contrast stitch dress offers just that and I think it will suit anyone of any skin tone or hair colour. But for a good all-rounder this ASOS Design Raw Edge T-shirt Dress hits the spot, it is casual but you would definitely be able to dress it up with some heels and a leather jacket.

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