How I Plan & Organise My Week Effectively

I’m not one for planners or diaries but this is how I get everything done…

I have always been one of those people that when they have something to do, I will do it. Its a bit of a mindset but I do HATE leaving things until last minute because I can’t deal with the stress of it. But on the other hand, I have never successfully kept a diary, planner or journal going. Only last month did I buy a £20 ‘blogger’ planner and have I even touched it?? No. Was it a waste of money?? Yes. I did the whole ‘If I buy it I am going to revolutionise my life’ but it 100% DID. NOT. HAPPEN. To a lot of people, having a planner is a lifesaver, but from my experience it isn’t the be all and end all. However if I don’t know my plans for that week, it freaks me out a little. I need to know when I am doing something, what is happening and times. So these are some of the steps I go through to organise my week…

STEP ONE: Highlight the main plans. If I have lectures, work or any meetings etc I will make sure they are put into my calendar. At uni we use Google Calendar because it links into all of our lectures *easy peasy*. It makes my life a lot easy and then in one place I can see everything I have to do that week. On a Sunday evening, you can insert everything you have to do, your biggest plans and then see if you have any clashes and then work out what free time you have to get your to-do list done.

STEP TWO: Know yourself. Everyone has different times throughout the day where they work better. I don’t like working past a certain time in the evening. I know a lot of people who will do the majority of their work until the early hours of the morning. But nope, nope nope. That is not for me. Plan your day and your to-do list to a time your know you will be most productive. I find the afternoons are my most productive moment, it takes me a while to get prepped to do work. So mornings are our of bounds and then after 12 I will get cracking.

STEP THREE: Keep it all in one place. I have endless amounts of (rather empty) planners. The whole buy a new planner and hope it will keep me motivated trick never works. Having so many different planners, list books and plain notebooks is confusing and EFFORT. Keep your to-do lists, blog planner or weekly planner, food planner etc in one place. Whether this is a journal, an app on your phone *my personal fave* or in a printed out freebie – go for what it easiest for you.

STEP FOUR: Block out your week. I don’t like keeping hour by hour schedules. They stress me out because I panic if I don’t get everything done, and when it comes to blog stuff or uni work, there is no way I can put a time to it. However I will suss out my week. So blocking out when I need to put a blog up, when I need to go to the gym, when I have lectures, I know what I need to do that day but I can do it in my own pace.

STEP FIVE: Have the right mindset. At the end of the day, if you plan your day or week minute by minute, hour by hour, you will only do the work with the right mindset. Fortunately I have a mindset of – you have to get it done so just do it. I then just get it done and don’t have to organise work that I should have done weeks ago. Want this mindset? Its all about teaching and treating. Yep, chocolate, a run or the latest episode of Riverdale on Netflix – treat yourself once you have finished a bit of work. You have to include some treats in your work – go wild.

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