The Only Eyeshadow Palettes Worth Having & How To Reduce Them

Only four??? Yep! This is how you reduce your eyeshadow addiction.

When I first started getting into anything beauty related, and when I first started this ‘beauty’ blog, I wanted everything. I would buy and buy and buy makeup to my hearts content. I bought new products, even when I didn’t need them. And a lot of it??? Not even worn. How bad is that? It is safe to say once 14 year old Emily discovered a bank card and makeup there was only going to be one result.

We all have those tasks and things which we know we need to do and put them off as long as humanly possible. Mine? Washing my makeup brushes (gross but I can’t remember when I last washed them), sort the clothes out that have piled up on my desk chair or sort out the endless piles of rubbish that has accumulated in my room – including my makeup stash. However saying that, about six months ago I did downsize my whole makeup collection. I still have enough to last me until I get to my death bed, but it was a start. There is still ways I could get rid of my makeup that I don’t use. The phrase ‘just in case’ comes across often. I might have to keep that lipstick ‘just in case’ etc….

Specifically though, I did have a large *very large* number of eyeshadow palettes. Some of which I had been hoarding since I first was gifted makeup for a birthday however many years ago. There were many mini palettes, abnormally big palettes and the odd absolutely rubbish one. There are four though which I feel everyone needs to own and why they won’t be leaving my collection anytime soon. If you want so pro downsizing tips then keep reading on until the end…

One thing I will never get bored of is the orange and autumnal colours on my lids. Do I wear eyeshadow every time I wear makeup? No. But if I wear eyeshadow will it mostly be these shades? Yep. It might be to do with the fact my skin tone suits these shades the best, or that I think these palettes are just two of my ultimate go-to who knows. The Urban Decay Naked Heat Palette and the Morphe 350M Palette are without a doubt the palettes I use the most. Both equally as pigmented and both blend really well they don’t fail. Because of the shades I can use both palettes for a fiery orange eye, or a smokey dark eye that will hopefully balance out my dark circles. The longevity of the Naked Heat palette is way too impressive and they don’t bunch or crease. The best thing I like about the Morphe palette is that they are so pigmented that its perfect for packing on the colour.

I am throwing a slightly different palette into the mix with this next one. A proper underdog of the eyeshadow game and probably not considered by a lot of people. However I think the H&M Smoky Essentials Eye Shadow Palette is the best for a night out. Full of darker shades, mixed with shimmers and mattes I don’t know what screams night out more than this palette. It is a palette I probably wouldn’t consider for day time looks, however it is small and compact so can fit in your bag easily, and the shades aren’t too overbearing – which for dark smokey eyes is the best.

The Urban Decay Naked Cherry Palette has to be the most beautiful palette I own – hence why I can’t bare it not being in my collection. I knowwww another Urban Decay palette, but if you have one you will know how dreamy they are. I never used to wear pink shadows, but after getting this palette I can’t stop. The shades are so elegant, popping and as I mentioned above have the best formula. There are some paler shades to use as transition shades, and darker ones if you are looking to smoke it out or add depth to your look. It has hanged the way I wear my eyeshadow and I LOVVEE it.

How to reduce your eyeshadow collection so you only have the essentials:

  1. Find out what you have. When I started my decluttering I came across palettes that I didn’t even know existed. There were a few ‘Oh god that one’ moments too. Get it all out, spread it on the floor or table and look at everything you have.
  2. Instantly chuck the old boys. I know makeup has a ‘use by date’ and that in reality you can push them a bit longer, but when you have those palettes which are years and years old they need to go. If they haven’t been used in the last year then you need to ask yourself whether you really need them?
  3. Get swatching. Not that pigmented? Covered in dust? Matted down to the palette? In the words of N-Sync ‘Bye bye bye’.
  4. Allow yourself a variety. If you get rid of your palettes, but only keep dupes or palettes full of the same shade, then you will end up buying more. Have a fun and colourful palette, have a palette for nudes, and have a palette for darker colours. Simple!

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