My Worst Wardrobe Purchases

Lets get real…

We have all been there. We can admit and out our hands up that we have bought stuff thinking it will be a staple in our wardrobes for it to sit there and never get worn. Yep I will raise my hands and admit to that. A few weeks ago, I was getting fed up of seeing clothes in my wardrobe that just don’t get worn. They were clogging up my wardrobe and I felt like I was wearing the same things over and over again. And I was. I ruthlessly chucked a lot of clothes out – hold your horses… I didn’t just throw them out don’t worry. I gave them away and also gave them to charity. But nonetheless my wardrobe was looking pretty empty afterwards, realistically though it was only the stuff I actually wore left.

The purchases I will be talking about were quite frankly bad. I don’t know WHAT ON EARTH I was thinking, and whoever was with my at the time has a lot to answer for, for not stopping me. I am that type of person who hates with a passion changing rooms! There is nothing wore than trying on clothes in a clammy, sweaty and crowded changing room. No, no, no can’t do it. Considering my uni is literally one hundred metres from the shopping mall I can just take it home, try it on, and then return it the next day. I have always reviewed clothing, and done hauls, by this is an ode to the clothes that maybe I shouldn’t have bought… p.s linked images so you can see exactly why they were mistakes.

The Lime Green Faux Fur Jumper. Even reading that I bet you are thinking ‘Ummmmm what??’. I bought a jumper from Zara, I think back in AW17 (?) and I thought it was so cool. So different. So trendy. Pffffftttt. WHAT. WAS. I. THINKING. It was one of those jumpers that would look really cool if you were a London trend setter. But I live in Devon, where anything ‘out there’ in the fashion industry is just not acceptable. The jumper is pretty cool, and matched some embroidered green boots I have, but I always felt so self-conscious wearing it. However it is still in the back of my wardrobe because I don’t think anyone would even buy it from a charity shop.

My ‘Gingerbread Man’ Topshop Jumper. I always used to call this my gingerbread man jumper because of the colours and I remember my mum buying this for me in the sale *sorry mum*. Its a retro jumper in a camel and red pattern, and the fabric was thick but comfy. However because it was thick, and not wool, it got hot and sticky. It also wasn’t a ‘long’ jumper. If you know me you know I love my long wooden jumpers that have lots of versatility. This didn’t and I just don’t know why I got it.

‘The Ugliest Trainers Out There’. I was debating about putting these trainers in the mix. Not even months ago, was the chunky trainer trend led by Balenciaga. They would be all that everyone at university were wearing and chunky trainers were very popular, even though they were dubbed the ugliest trainers. I got the Ciara Topshop trainers and I did love them.. even though they are now only £15 in the sale. The reason why I have decided I probably shouldn’t have gotten them is because they were just another fast fashion fad. Unlike my Adidas Stan Smiths, or my trust converse, these aren’t something you might wear everyday. They also gave me THE WORST BLISTERS and the effort of having to layer plasters on the back of my ankles just to wear a pair of trainers is not my cup of tea. Soz not soz.

One thing I am glad about, there are no heels. I avoid buying heels at all costs. I know I will wear them for an hour or so and then they will be coming off. A few years ago I bought some simple black strapped heels, and they go with everything. But I am very much a trainer over heel gal so converse and dress it is.

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11 responses to “My Worst Wardrobe Purchases”

  1. Jenni says:

    Loved reading this! I’ve definitely been there too haha.

  2. LOL this is so relatable!!

  3. CoffeeMamma says:

    Loved reading this but pictures of the items would have definitely benefited me here, I’m so nosey lol. You’ve inspired a great idea for a post.

    • Emily Clare says:

      I don’t actually own any of these items anymore, so I wouldn’t have been able to picture them. But they are linked so you can see what they are like!

  4. Vanessa says:

    Loved reading this.

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