You NEED To Do These Things On A Bank Holiday!

Lager and laugh filled day at the point to point

Ohhhhh we do love an extra long weekend don’t we?! Especially when the weather is beaut like this! Perfect timing isn’t it? (FYI we are having the hottest Easter weekend on record in the UK at the moment which means all the summer clothes are coming out). Even though I do – and a lot of the nation – actually have to work some of the bank holiday weekend its always good to celebrate it. For those who work in hospitality or retail and don’t necessarily get the weekend off – trust me I feel you. We are also equally lucky that within weeks we get two bank holidays, and I know for me that means less uni…

I know a lot of my friends are planning to do the classic bank holiday night outs, I can’t say I am but I am much happier with a few bevvies in the sun. But if you have a bank holiday like this one, where you have Monday off, there is cause to have a few drinks am I right?? (yes I am). There are lots of things you can do to celebrate this extra long weekend and only having to do a four day week at work so here are a few to get your imagination flowing.

Local events. This one is the one from experience (yesterday to be exact) is a must. Most towns or cities will be doing some sort of event. It could be anything from restaurant deals, sporting events or competitions but KEEP YOUR EYES PEELED. Where I live, we have a ‘point-to-point’ each bank holiday during the spring. Its basically a day filled with a few (okay well maybe more than a few) drinks, horse racing and betting and sitting in the sun with your friends. It is a yearly highlight for me, even when I do lose my money. ACTUALLY I did win one race, but I only got £3 so technically not the biggest win… but a win is a win!

Beach trips. I am aware that people don’t have access to beaches, however there is the whole weekend so maybe an extended beach trip/camping trip could solve this issue! I am lucky to live very close to a lot of beaches. However every man and his dog do flood the beach during the day on bank holidays. My advice = go in the evening. We ALWAYS do this and you can have tea there, watch the sunset go down and have a little fire going… LUSH LUSH LUSH.

Such a beauttttiful weekend!

Barbecue. I am sorry but what is a bank holiday without a barbecue. I’m not so keen on the smoke filled hair scenario (dry shampoo works wonders though!) however nothing beats a barbecue! From kebabs to burgers or the side salads… yummmmm by stomach is already wondering. I am actually off to a barbecue this afternoon and it will be the highlight of my weekend.

Picnic in the park. Perfect for those in cities, or those who just want to have a few nibbles in the sun. I also think it looks #goals to get your best picnic blanket out, with a wicker basket full of strawberries, prosecco and some classic picnic items. This is also relatively cheap as there is no costs involved!

So how have I spent my bank holiday? Like I said I actually had to work Friday evening and Saturday night (borrringgggg) however on Good Friday we spent the afternoon having a cider, in the sun, in a beer garden – nothing better in my opinion. Yesterday during the day we went to the races with friends, and I think I knew literally everyone there! Today we are having a barbecue in the sun (BUZZING) and Easter Monday we are finishing the bank holiday with a good old traditional roast. So food, food and more food!

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  1. adell says:

    I couldn’t agree more, a bank holiday without a BBQ is no bank holiday to me. There are some really great suggestions here on things to do on a bank holiday. Hopefully the next ones in may will be just as sunny and nice.

    Adell ♥


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