How To Chill The ‘F’ Out

Just warning you, this is going to be a bit of a chatty post and a waffle filled post (the writing kind not the food – unfortunately) so bare with…

When going through school, I was very much a perfectionist. I would be told it by everyone, my teachers, my mum and anyone who basically knew me. I wouldn’t be happy with the work I had done unless it was utterly perfect. When I did my fashion BTEC, there was no way counting how many times I redid my work because it was too many too count. I have always seen this carrying through to my blog too. If I don’t like the photos I take, or the content I am writing I will scrap the whole post. I don’t want to post anything half-heartedly. BUT even though I say this I still feel like a lot of my posts are like that. They aren’t but thats my perfectionist in me coming out… Get what I am trying to say???

When I finished school I had the whole summer and even though I relaxed, went on my hols and had the *best summer ever* I was a bit more strict with my blog. I would upload regularly, pay attention to my Instagram and I actually had a bit of income coming through from my blog. My Instagram gained more followers in the two months I was off than I had gained in a year and the glory FELT DAMN GOOD.

But then I started uni. I will admit I was really naive to the whole starting uni process. Because my course is all about fashion media and marketing I thought it would suit my blog so well. And TRUST ME it does, but I also thought it would allow me to get better images, and boost my following instantly. Don’t ask me why but I was a bit unrealistic.

“I was very much a perfectionist.”

I love uni so much, it has changed my life for the better and honestly its amazing. However it has meant that I can’t devote the time to my blog or Instagram that I did over the summer. I am nearly finished with my first year, so I know I can start becoming that full time blogger again. BUT meanwhile I have had to learn how to ‘Chill the F Out’ when I can’t.

Do I sometimes feel a bit down not seeing growth? Yeah. Does it stress me out a little? Yeah. Knowing I have put a lot of previous work and money into my blog is sometimes what keeps me going. I don’t want to give up, but sometimes I do think about what my life would be like without my blog.

“I have had to learn to know when it is okay to take a step back and realise my blog will still be there tomorrow. “

Saying all this though, even though if I kept to a strict blogging routine and you don’t know I might be more successful than I am today, I think I would have driven my self insane. Hahah okay, not insane, but I wouldn’t have been able to cope. I need a bit of down time as I do juggle my uni, a part time job and a blog.

So I think what I am trying to say is that its OKAY not to have a strict routine of uploading posts or making content. Its only human to have activities and life taking over your schedule. In the summer, when I have finished uni, a strict schedule is maybe what I need to organise my life and actually make progress with my blog. I have had to learn to know when it is okay to take a step back and realise my blog will still be there tomorrow. If my followers aren’t then they are just missing out on some brill content right? 😉

In other words, cheers to learning to chill the f-out a bit and blossoming in my own way and time. And maybe if that includes a girly cocktail catch-up then thats okay!

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4 responses to “How To Chill The ‘F’ Out”

  1. I’m definitely trying to learn how to do that now!

  2. Disha Smith says:

    This is soooo important. I seriously struggle with chilling the eff out and it disrupts my mental peace so much. Usually, I’m freaking out over deadlines or creating awesome content all the time. But I’m learning to step back, try my hardest and let it be. That’s all I can do. Thanks for sharing!! 🙂

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