Three Years Of Blogging!

*Post contains gifted Prosecco*

You might be reading this and thinking 3 years… really?? WELL YES. I have been blogging for three years!! I can’t quite get my head around that either. Three years seems like a long time but to be honest it’s gone very quickly. Emphasis on the VERY. The fact I have had my own little space on the internet (which is well and truly my own now I am self-hosted) for three years is pretty mind blowing.

Has my blog grown drastically in three years? No. Have I always been consistent? No. Have I struggled to motivate myself from time to time? Yes. BUT we are here at the three year mark! Actually three years was back in March however I just completely forgot about it.

I just wanted to dedicate an entire post talking about my not so little blogging anniversary. And it just so happens that the *Sustainable Spirit company very kindly gifted me some vegan/organic Prosecco the other day so PERFECT TIMING.

Rather than talking about my three tips or tricks or blogging hacks… I have done that so many times… I wanted to tell you my three blogging highlights across my three years of blogging. I struggled to pick as over the three years there has been a few.

Without a doubt, my favourite has to be the John Lewis PR event I attended. Alongside some of my favourite other bloggers, we learnt about new brands joining John Lewis and got styled by the personal stylist. There was lots of gin, a catwalk and some lovely clothing! I never in my whole time of blogging have been to such an amazing event like it and it was so eye opening!

Something which you won’t know about but I recently did was a lecture all about blogging! I studying fashion Media and Marketing and it just so happens we were talking about blogging. My lecturer asked me to take a WHOLE LECTURE by myself all about my blog and blogging. I was very nervous but if I can talk for England about something it will be my blog.

Finally my last highlight, as cliche and cringe it may sound, is the ability to help people and myself. I like to keep my blog open and happy however if I want a moan about something or to release some steam my blog is always there for me to do that. If I help people along the way then I call that an achievement. I’ve had lots of people talk to me about making blogs and I have posts about it, so I can direct them there. Just MAKES ME HAPPY!

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  1. Jenni says:

    When I started my blog, yours was one of the firsts that I followed. I love it so much! Congrats on 3 years of being blogging lovely!

  2. Nikshita says:

    Congratulations 🎉

  3. Congrats girl! 👏

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  6. CoffeeMamma says:

    Congratulations, 3 years is such a big milestone!

  7. Congratulations! That’s so awesome

  8. Congrats on 3 years of blogging!!!

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