Bills – Why You Need To Try It Out

Yay for cocktails (and non-alcoholic gin as I was designated driver)!

*This meal featured in this post was gifted by Bills*

As you might know if you have been a follower for a while, or have seen my instagram stories, I am an avid Bills fan. If you have never heard of Bills, I am gonna’ cut out the nonsense and basically say its my favourite restaurant. So when Bills contacted me a few weeks ago asking if I wanted to check out their food again, I was more than thrilled to day yes.

I feel like a bit of a Bills connoisseur because I have been more than a handful of times. Yeah, I know what I like and what I will most likely have every time I will go. I took my friend Laura and we had the best meal EVER.

Starters – Crumbles Halloumi Sticks and Chicken Dumplings

I have talked about it plenty of times in previous posts but I always love the ‘Bills Setup’ with the rustic interior but classy food. Nothing better than a wholesome meal in a good location you know what I mean???

“I wanted to try something new and it was so worth it!”

Laura and I kinda did the whole ‘I’ll Order That And You Order This So We Can Have Both’ scenario because it was just too hard to decide out of all the yummy food. When it comes to starters at Bills my go-tos have to be the Halloumi Sticks or the Chicken Dumplings… hence why we got both. But Hoolyyyyyyy Mooooooolyyyyy I forgot *just how good* the halloumi sticks were. Seriously there is no halloumi out there like it. And the chicken dumplings are just purely DELIGHTFUL.

“I feel like a bit of a Bills connoisseur because I have been more than a handful of times.”

This post might sound a bit over-excited but Bills just gets me so excited so why can I not share that?? The mains were just as good too. I went for the meaty buttermilk chicken burger (which was honestly the size of my head) which came with cheese and a chipotle mayo which I am now addicted to as well. I had to share my chips with Laura as it was very filling. Laura had the Chicken Green Curry which looked equally as yummy. I have never tried it however she raved about it. I did very nearly go for my usual – the macaroni and cheese – because I have never tasted macaroni and cheese like it! However I wanted to try something new and it was so worth it!

I mean just look at that burger…

We were actually way too full for puddings however the lovely lovely lovely waitress let us chose some puddings to take home with us. I went for the chocolate brownie and they gave it to us in a box and when I got home and opened it I had such lovely surprise! They had given me the brownie with ice cream, strawberries and a chocolate sauce. HOW CUTE?!

But seriously, if you are ever stuck on deciding where to go for a meal or haven’t been to Bills before then I highly recommend it! I can 100% guarantee I will be going back soon but #sorrynotsorry for the spam.

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  1. Wow, that burger looks divine 😍 The size of it! I don’t know if we have a Bills in Limerick, but I hope they open one here soon!

    Caroline | http://caroomakeupblog.com

  2. Bniconann says:

    It all looks so amazing!

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