My Current Favourite Bloggers

Right now I am kinda doing a bit of excessive blog reading. I am obsessing over so many different bloggers right now, and once I start reading their blogs, there is literally NO stopping me. I have a handful of bloggers who I am loving right now. When I am reading blogs though, I know what I like and I know what I don’t like. Whether I am reading blogs for style inspiration or a little pick me up, I feel like its good to explore the blogging industry.

I feel like looking at Pinterest or other bloggers really gets my creative flow going. I like to have a little stalk or scroll through their blogs or Instagram feeds, even if it is just to admire how aesthetically pleasing their blogs are. From candid OOTDs or the way they write their blog posts it gets me inspired.

The Anna Edit –

I discovered Anna’s blog a few months ago. I had previously followed her on Instagram and then I discovered her blog and WOW. It is so clean and beautiful and I love the fact she regularly updates her content. And I mean every two days! It’s always well thought out and her posts are lengthy which is my faveeee type of post because it means I can sit down with a caramel coffee, get all comfy and then just have a read. Also I am VERY jealous of her imagery like her photos are BEAUTIFUL. Its natural, real and professional. Everything that I want my blog to be but I am still working on that. Her ability to make original but eye-catching content is a skill which I hope to master one day.

Wears Rosie

The main reason why I love Rosie and her blog is that she is one of my biggest style icons. Her outfits are so well thought out and put together. If I am shopping I make sure to look at her for inspiration because yah’ know great minds think alike! I loveee that her blog is a ‘commentary’ blog. I don’t know but that makes me more drawn in because I like reading a good chatty blogger. It makes it feel like you are having a conversation and it makes it more personal. I love how she always have some pop of colour in her outfits too. Just goals goals goals.

Style Petal

I feel slightly biased here because the genius behind Style Petal – Primrose – is actually a friend as I met her at a John Lewis blogging event but her blog is one of my go tos! Her writing is so informative and I always learn so much from her blog posts. I had a little fan girl moment when I first met Primrose, but she is honestly the loveliest person and her energy and personality to shines through her blog. You also *NEED* to follow her instagram because she posts the funniest stories. Honestly they crack me right up! I have never read posts like Primrose’s before, and they are so well planned and executed with quotes and information which backs up her own thoughts. SHES FRIGGIN’ AMAZING.

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  1. Kitty Niamh says:

    It’s so nice to share other people’s work while inspiring others. Will definitley be looking up these lovely blogs 🙂 xx

  2. Checking their blogs as we speak! Think it’s lovely how you are praising others; it could really make their day especially if they aren’t having the best of days x

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