That Feminist Jumper

For me, a key part of fashion is comfort. Why wear something that is uncomfortable voluntarily?? Yes I am that get home and get into your PJs kinda gal. But there is also the topic that fashion can be used for politics. But why am I chatting about this? Well you know those two other blog posts I did about “Let’s talk about sex baby… and body image” and “Is instagrams coffee culture damaging?“? Well this is the third and last part of that series, talking about fashion in relation to three controversial topics – for my university module. I also think it is interesting to talk about something different for a change!

So, today I thought I would talk about << this >> jumper which I found on Boohoo. Not only is it one of the comfiest jumpers EVER, it is pink (I have just found I now suit pink because of my blonde hair). It kinda stole my heart because it is gorgeouussss but it also has another meaning to it.


When I was looking through Boohoo for the political t-shirts and jumpers I saw this one and I bought it. But there was a lot to chose from. Why are they becoming so popular? Specifically clothing based around feminism. I have made a little collage of some of my faves and I am all for these pieces. I think that graphic clothing is perfect for political motives. Obviously clothes that you find online and in main high street shops will not be too politically controversial because there is a line that can easily be crossed.

The a-mazing thing about using clothing to get your message across is that it gets across to a wide audience. Even if people don’t know the *true* meaning behind the top, if everyone is wearing one and it becomes a trend, then indirectly the message is being displayed.

When someone says ‘political t-shirt’ the first thing you think is ‘no thanks’ or ‘ummm what??’ but these tops can be super cute. Style them with jeans or leggings, then you will look like you have just come off the runway.

Its a trend that not only is current now, but because politics is changing so often it will always be current. What one of these tops would you wear??

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6 responses to “That Feminist Jumper”

  1. What a cute jumper!

  2. Macy says:

    This is very cute! I like how subtle it is too, but at the same time really screams the message!

  3. Very nice.

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