The Accidental Accessories Post – Where To Get The Best Accessories.

I’m not going to lie, this wasn’t meant to be a post about accessories. It was actually meant to be a post about a new jumper I have gone and treated myself too, but then I popped into Lovisa and splurged on some new earrings. That inspired this post and BAM we are here. Therefore, I give you this sort of unorganised post about my favourite places to get accessories. Most of this is new so hopefully I can find the links for all you to treat yo’self to as well!

The Earrings – Lovisa

Lovisa Gold Acrylic Hoop Earring 9 Pack – £9.00

Lovisa Neutral Acrylic Loop Earring 3 Pack – £10.00

Notoriously I tend not to change my earrings on a daily basis, and I leave mine in for a while normally. But since starting uni and being surrounded by the best bunch of people e ver has changed my mind, because they wear the best earrings normally! I also got my seconds pierced back in October, so I can experiment more. But my FAVOURITE place and the most AFFORDABLE place to get earrings is Lovisa.

When I popped in the other day I got 3 decorative earrings and another pack of 9 gold earrings of different styles all for £10!! It was buy one get one free. AND they do the most insaneeeee earrings too. Honestly I need to shop from there more often!

The Scrunchy – Lovisa or Topshop

(Similar) Lovisa Red White Paisley Scarf Scrunchie – £10

Topshop Black Velvet Scrunchie – £5

So we are back in the scrunchy era. Whether its for your hair or for your wrist, everyone is getting one. Topshop are awesome for scrunchies because I find they properly keep your hair together, rather than slipping out. And once again, Lovisa nails it too. The one in my photos is from Lovisa and I love the fact that its got loose fabric too. Lush, lush LUSH.

The Necklace – Buckley London

Buckley London Bailey Rae Pendant – £35.00

*This necklace was gifted*. I had to show you this necklace, and you might have seen it pop up on my Instagram before. This necklace is one that I literally wear EVERYDAY. It means a lot to me because on it says ‘When you can’t see the sunshine, be the sunshine’ and I think that is something I need to remember everyday.

Where do you get your fave bits from??

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  1. Love all of these accessories 💕 Wish I had the confidence to wear such colours.

  2. Macy says:

    I love that scrunchies are back in style! They were always one of my favorite accessories when I was younger.

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