My 2019 Fitness Plans & Sharing My LOVE For The Gym

“The thing with the gym though is that you have to enjoy it”

Looking back over the last 12 months I have come a LONG way with my fitness. Okay… So I am not at the point that I will be able to run a marathon and I highly doubt that will ever happen. BUT in terms of the way my body is and looks there is a big difference. I have been wanting to do this post forever BTW so it might be a long ‘un. I attempt to go to the gym every week – twice if I can – but I am not strict on it. Why should I be strict though? I find that de motivates me.

Yeah, so there is times like when I went to London and didn’t work out for two weeks, or times over Christmas where why on EARTH would you go to the gym?! The thing with the gym though is that you have to enjoy it. If you don’t enjoy it then you won’t have the motivation to do it. I am not a naturally sporty person, but I have always done sports. I used to swim, then I did gymnastics and now I just go to the gym so my fat ass can eat all the food I want ~~ LOL.

2018 was there year that I really made a change in the way that I went and what I did at the gym. I’ve been before 2018, but looking back now, I know I had no clue what I was doing. I am motivated to keep my love for the gym going this year, but with a few changes.

I thought I would snap a few pics on my gym clothes before I went, because one thing that I find gets me wanting to go to the gym is wearing new gym clothes. Mine aren’t new, but I love them so much. When you have something new to try or love what you are wearing I feel like it gives you that push you might need to go to the gym. P.S I wear gym shark leggings and sports bra because they are literally a GOD SEND. They fit like a glove, but are easy to put on. They don’t show any sweat marks – which sometimes is necessary – and they move and breath when you work out. I mean, they are slightly more expensive that your usual gym clothes but SO SO worth it.

So what are my 2019 gym plans? Pretty much the same as last year tbh but with a bit of a change. In 2018 I focused on fat loss and building muscle. No I am not ‘fat’ but I didn’t like the way I looked. I also love a good McDonalds and chocolate feast every now and then, so if I want to eat what I want, I have to compromise. I would pressure myself though that I HAD to go to the gym so many times a week. But with uni and my blog I know that I cannot do that to myself this year. It will put me off going to the gym rather than motivating me.

I also want to focus on building my arms up. Not to get all hench and bodybuilder like, but just to get some definition, and to help with my upper body strength. From my years of gymnastics I built up leg muscle, but my upper body muscle is a bit pathetic. Also my gym has just had a big referb and is SO MUCH BETTER. The new equipment is allowing me to do more advanced workouts, and more focused workouts. But enough about me?? (Are you bored yet?) How can you start LOVING the gym??

Talk To A PT.

There are a few PT’s at my gym who you can book one-to-one sessions with, or you can ask them about any equipment you are unsure of. If it is your first time at the gym, then I highly recommend booking a session with one or just chatting to one because they you can start utilising the equipment the best way and you can get some good workouts suited to you under your belt.

Beginner Level.

You will see people at the gym lifting heavy weights, running miles and doing intense HIIT sessions. But they will be experienced. Start from the bottom and work your way up. If you rush you will hurt yourself or not benefit your body.

Find The Right Gym.

Not all gyms are the same. They might have different equipment or they might have different workout classes on offer. If you don’t like one, or its too expensive then there will be a better one that is more suited to you so just try them out before you commit to a membership!

Protein Shakes.

I get so many people telling me ‘You Don’t Need To Drink Protein Shakes’ but givveeee it a rest!! Protein shakes are typically had by those who are trying to bulk and gain muscle, however they are shakes out there for different people/bodies/reasons. My BooTea protein shake is perfect for me to have after the gym because it gives me that boost I need to replenish my energy and it has nutrients in it which are good for me. It also makes me get my calcium intake as I hate milk, but will have it with my shake. But it gives me something to look forward to having as a reward after the gym because its soooo yummy!

Do you go to the gym??

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4 responses to “My 2019 Fitness Plans & Sharing My LOVE For The Gym”

  1. Very nice.

  2. Emma says:

    Great tips! For the longest time I would join a gym, get excited and go a few times and then never go again. Rinse and repeat. I finally found a gym that I LOVE, and it’s made a huge difference in how often I go. Finding something you enjoy really is key to consistently working out!

    • Emily Clare says:

      I so agree with you! When my gym was getting refurbed I found it hard to motivate myself as it was a very temporary and basic gym!

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