Is Instagram’s Coffee Culture Damaging?

Yes before we start, I am writing a whole post about coffee (I do LOVE it) but this also applies to you tea drinkers too so listen up!

Last week, I posted ‘Let’s Talk About Sex Baby… And Body Image‘ all about issues regarding sex in the fashion industry and how it can affect how we feel about our own bodies. It was apart of my university module based on blogging (how cool is it that I have a module on blogging?) and today is my second post in the series.

We all love and loathe those photos on Instagram of the ‘most instagrammable coffees’ out there. There is a love for them because we have to admit, they look damn good. But also it does get a tad bit boring? As a blogger though I am guilty of posting the odd coffee picture every now and then. I am also guilty of consuming endless amounts of coffee… but I am a uni student so is that not obvious? Ha ha!

Image: Victoria Metaxas Instagram

Can you really walk down a street without seeing a coffee shop? Can you really go into your nearest shopping haven and not spot a Costa or Starbucks? I know that when we went to London for London Fashion Week we would do a morning route march to the nearest Starbucks. I am also a regular to the #OOTD posts with a coffee in my hand. Is the coffee culture on Instagram more than just posting images of your coffee though?

“I will be the first to admit, and I will hold my hands up HIGH, and say I am a caffeine addict”

Coffee, tea, lattes, mochas, iced coffee’s you name it, but what do they all have in common? They contain caffeine which is actually a drug. FACT: coffee was popular in the 60s amongst the mod culture as it gives a social and meeting place – a bit like today if you go to meet your friends for a coffee and catchup. It is almost a glamourised drug which is a must have accessory for socialising. Or even a way of life. But why is it a drug? Because its addictive.

Image: absolute_lebenslust Instagram

I will be the first to admit, and I will hold my hands up HIGH, and say I am a caffeine addict. I will have a coffee first thing when I wake up in the morning, then maybe one at uni, and then I will have one when I get home. Any more and I will get those coffee shakkkeeeeessssss.

But everyone drinks coffees?? Whats the issue? Instagram dresses up caffeine as these beautiful beverages that everyone wants. It creates these ‘bucket list’ cafes that everyone wants to visit in their life time – I know I had one which was Peggy Porschens (its beautbeautbeaut). And with social media being crowded with such a young generation of users, it is encouraging a way to self-medicate and relax instead of drinking alcohol.

Skinny Coffee…

But there is also the issue of ‘skinny coffees’. Being older, and more aware of who I promote on my blog I will admit I have used these skinny coffees. But I have deleted any content featuring them as I have realised how damaging they are. The so called healthy nutrients in them and extracts are really just a bunch of chemicals and laxatives which do NOTHING good for your body. These brands though use Instagram as their main promotional method where younger audiences see it. It doesn’t portray a good way of looking after your body and your confidence to those who are the most vulnerable.

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