BTS of February

Oh my god I have actually found time to do a blog post finally! I have literally been so hectic this month I feel like my blog has suffered… but hopefully this post will show you just a snippet of what I have been up to! That’s right I am back with another BTS post where you see the unseens from my camera roll.

So firstly, as you have probably guessed, a lot of these pics will be from London, because it was such a highlight of my month. I feel like if I were to sum up Feb it would be emotional, drama but LONDONLONDONLONDON. Also looking back through my camera roll for this, the start of February seems soooooo long ago. Yes I know I am posting this like mid-march but STILL.

I have been working at at uni, as in three weeks time we have even more deadlines coming up – but then I will be 2/3s through my first year… like okay not okay.

I have to admit I have failed keeping the gym routine going and eating healthily – blame London because we ate out every day and now I seem to be hungry All. The. Time. But its okay because we still have months to get that beach bod right???? Now its March, its a new month, I am going to stop drinking so much beer, and I have now eaten all my chocolate so I can’t have those little stress binge’s (lol).

During Feb though, the weather was bloody beaut! We literally had the hottest February in years and I even had an ice cream in the sun one day! Bring on summer honestly! I have also realised this month that I am so lucky to have some amazing people surrounding me to support me with everything I do and throughout all my ups and downs. #blessed.

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  1. Love all of the photos on this post! Xx

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