London’s Instagram Locations

A pick of my favourite places for those beaut and dreamy Instagram pics we all want to fill our feed with.

I’ll be honest with you when I say I have done a post like this before. But in my defence my other post << little self promo click here >> was all about photography as in to get those scenic pics… this is for the gram. There is no doubt that with our insta feeds we are very picky about our backdrops. No-one wants a garbage bin in their photos, and I know a lot of us who dream about getting those perfect London backdrops. Well here is how you can find them!

Covent Garden

As you can see, if you want those floral pictures, then get your butts down to Covent Garden. Literally all year around they have their floral swings outside by The Ordinary and Kurt Geiger, and they also had a huge floral heart which makes such a girly and pretty backdrop. But lets be honest, its not hard to come across some gorrrggeeeous floral backdrops. When we arrived in London, we literally came across like five different ones all around one street in Victoria.

Peggy Porschen

The most stereotypical and cliche cafe to have your photo taken outside of but I feel like as a blogger, at one point in your career, you HAVE to post a photo out there. It should be some law or something!! It is honestly stunning. Be warned, when going during the day you will get some photo bombers of people actually sat in the cafe, but if you are fussy over that then go earlier in the morning.

Streets of Chelsea and Kensington

When I was in London I felt like I was going ‘ooooohhhh’ and ‘aahhhhh’ about all the pretty streets. There is something very Instagram worthy about the white houses and elegant doors. If you are a blogger YOU GET ME. There is also some really pretty streets in Westminster, behind some of the main attractions so just have a wonder really!

Millennium Bridge (at night)

This is honestly a bit of a must and was a highlight for me. We had a Wagamamas by the Tate Modern and then took the scenic route back to the tube station and it was so worth it. It was breathtaking and gave us some good instagram pics too.. all for the gram, all for the gram.

Oxford Street

I’m not necessarily encouraging you too run between the traffic and risk you safety…. BUT (LOL). There is a little walkway between the road on Oxford Street and if you want a good location, that looks everyday, realistic and trendy too then just hop in the middle of the road at Oxford street! Plus so many people do it that you don’t feel like a weirdo doing it ha ha!


Before you go to sketch, make sure you have a reasonable amount of money to get a drink with because it is by far NOT the cheapest place to get a drink. However is it worth it for the gram?? Hell yes. We sat in the bar at the back, so we got to walk through all the pretty rooms at Sketch. The toilets. THE TOILETS are another thing! They are like pods, and the roof is an illuminated multicoloured tiled ceiling. If you don’t go and get some pics then what an earth are you doing??

I hope this given you a bit of inspiration where to get all those pics to fill your feed up in London. I am so interested in hearing what your favourite spots in London are for those Instagram pics!

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