Is Double Leather The New Double Denim?

‘I have had so many compliments on the whole double leather look’

This blog post includes a gifted item.

Hey leather leggings. Hey leather jacket. Hey black polar neck. Hey embroidered boots. HEY HEY HEY. This outfit made a lil’ Instagram appearance whilst I was in London (and now is my most liked insta photo WHEYYYYHEYYYY!). And I have had so many compliments on the whole double leather look, so I had to do a blog on it!

I have done a whole blog post before about double denim < take a peek here > and I still love a good double denim combo. But I feel like I am becoming a bit of a leather combo gal too! I feel like spring and summer is more for double denim, where as winter and this time of year is for leather.

It is a very stand out there outfit, something which maybe I would avoid before. But now I couldn’t care less.

The jacket…

SO lets start with the jacket… My leather jacket is from good ol’ Zara, and I got it a few years ago for £50. They don’t sell it anymore however they do so many similar ones like *this*. I feel like Zara deliver vV well when it comes to comfy faux leather jackets, that have a bit of structure too. I wear mine ALL THE TIME. Literally.

I am feeling this outfit being a very seri and sophisticated outfit, because it was all black, but I have also worn it with a grey jumper, or a brighter coloured jumper. It just so happened that in London I wore it with black because it was my biggest jumper and I thought I would be freezing my butt off. Little did I know how HOT the underground is. #sweatybetty. But it is ,y fave black jumper and makes me want more polar necks. It was very Kindly gifted to me a while ago by Femme Luxe. (#gifted)

The leggings…

ANYWAY, the main attraction… the leather look leggings. My new holy grail bottom halves. I had a little bit of a mission to find ones that fitted like a dream. Loads, and I mean LOADS raved about the Zara ones, which I tried and they didn’t fit very well.

But then a small boutique in my town called Nyree Boutique had some for a steal of £20 (!!) and they literally fit like a glove. SO. BLOODY. WELL. They are so on trend at the moment, and just add something to an outfit. Plus miner fleece lined which means extra AF comfort = dreammmmyyy.

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