BTS Of January

‘January was filled with beach walks, some questionable hat photos, plenty of food and some cheeky selfies’

It’s me again! I feel like today has been a very Sunday Sunday, if you get me. You know the classic Tesco trip, some last min uni work, watching some rugby and then sitting in front of the fire watching some TV. Yeah a very Sunday Sunday.

But hey febbbbb.

But now we are already in Feb, and thank god because no offence January, you were a bit of a bitch. However we are past that, we are going to move on as there were some alright bits too. I thought I would basically show you some behind the scenes snaps from my camera roll in Jan.

When you are a blogger you always post ‘the good stuff’. The filtered and posed images and sometimes you gotta let the other side out of you. I didn’t get a huge amount – mainly because my phones storage is running low AF and I keep having to put my photos on my Mac).There was some drunken nights which I have HILARIOUS vids from but maybe they should not surface the Internet. Maybe one day…

So Yeah. I feel like I do need to do some explaining. First up January was filled with many coastal walks. From NY’s day to just wrapping up warm and going for a stroll along the beach. Winter beach walks are up there with my January highlights for sure!!

So what happened in Jan?

I also went back to uni after having three *gorgeous* weeks off for Christmas. We got thrown in at the deep end doing some wet plate photography, and then Lauren, Sophie and I hired out the photography studio. #proactiveorwhat??

I also got my mop spruced up at the beginning of the month, and I do love a good bit of hair TLC. However my boss was away at work for two weeks which meant I took over that responsibility. But this did lead me to spending nearly 6 days a week up there *YAWN* but also flooding the cellar… whoops.

With no shame whatsoever, I totally carried on the whole ‘eat your heart out’ from Christmas to Jan. I have been going to the gym to balance it out but in January I did go for a few treats like Nando’s, Wagamamas, a few breakfasts out and a cheeky afternoon tea at Bills. Yum yum and more yum with no regrets.

Pretty much in summary January was filled with beach walks, some questionable hat photos, plenty of food and some cheeky selfies.

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  1. jenna says:

    Great post – it looks like your January was pretty stellar! Hoping your February is even better!
    -Jenna ♥
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  2. Lovely post , great pictures!!!!

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