The Bloggers Guide To ADs

“I have always been transparent with my posts, and even if I am sent something I still make sure it is my own opinion.”

I saw the headlines on my phone and on Twitter the other day about how so many celebrities, including bloggers are being given a little telling off about not displaying ad’s on the instagrams correctly. I kinda looked at it and went ‘WOW this is seri’ and ‘Maybe I should look into this’ because lately the whole thing has sorta changed.

I have always been transparent with my posts, and even if I am sent something I still make sure it is my own opinion. For example, I would never suggest you guys to buy or use a product if I think it is utter rubbish. Like who would??

So ADs then….

I wanted to talk about ADs on Instagram and gifting images and lay it out straight to you. So I know, you know, and everyyyyone knows the truth and there is no more confusion. HALLLLEEEELUUUUUJAH!

So as a blogger or influencer ADs are an important part of making money, and showing off the products you love as a blogger – whilst running some sorta business. You can get paid posts, or you can receive gifts from companies or do like a 24 hour thing. You get the idea. It isn’t just on instagram either – this goes for your most common social platforms. With me so far??

Instagram is one of the more popular platforms for ADs though because all the pretty content that you can create.

And I am fortunate enough to say I have done sponsored or gifted posts (mum I made it as an influencer) and I have always tried to make sure I have said when I have a sponsored post. Why??? You need to make sure your audience knows its sponsored. If not its misleading – possibly biased and just wrong. Its also illegal so yeah bear that in mind too.

But what exactly do you have to put into your post??


For any sponsored content by a brand you have to use #AD or AD at the beginning of your caption. If you have a substantial amount of followers Instagram also gives you an option in advanced settings to add it to your image (and it appears where your location would). It is basically you having to be transparent with your followers about whether you are being paid for that instagram post. You also have to use #sponsored in your caption. A lot of bloggers go for #spon or other forms but the two you need is #sponsored and #AD.

*You have to make sure to put it at the beginning of your posts rather than hiding it in the third of fourth line of your caption*


So before, the FTC (basically the boss people) claimed they didn’t need any evidence of gifted posts because there is no exchange of money. HOWEVER I have been seeing on Instagram that this is now not the case and influencers have to disclose using #gifted if you post about an item you have been sent.

Personally I have always done this anyway, just to cover my back, but not everyone does. So yes, you have to put something like ‘Gifted but not sponsored’ you get the idea!!


Yep. The rule applies for instagram stories too. If you are disclosing an AD within your story you have to make sure that your followers know it is an ad by adding #AD in the story on every video or post.


What is an affiliate link?? Basically influencers can receive a proportion of revenue made when an item is sold through the link they give out. Again, as per, you have to disclose whether a link is an affiliate link because you have to let your audience know whether you are making money from that link.

So the moral of this post, is to just say MAKE SURE YOU DO IT RIGHT. Adding that one hashtag is important but most importantly have fun posting about your content! Whether it is sponsored or not!

Have you ever done a sponsored post??

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