That In-Between Fashion Stage

Jumper – Femme Luxe
Trousers – Urban Outfitters
Shoes – Primark
Handbag – Topshop

‘I want to know whether I am the only person or not that is really struggling with fashion at the moment’

Wow okay, how I managed to go a week without doing a blog post/not worrying about doing a blog post amazes me. However let me tell you know it sort of feels liberating. Old Emily would have had a heart attack but I’m pretty chill. Its been a bit of a rollercoaster of a past week and I didn’t want to write anything without feeling myself. But I was sat on my sofa trying to do some uni work but pppfffftttt that can wait…. #priorities. So onto that in-between fashion stage!

I want to know something. I want to know whether I am the only person or not that is really struggling with fashion at the moment. Don’t get me wrong Zara had a lushhhhhh sale the other day and I did purchase a few bits, but January, Feb and March are a bit like ‘Meh’ months. LIKE WHAT DO YOU WEAR?!

Autumn is where its at really!

Autumn for me is where you can really get to enjoy the coats, the scarfs and the getting all cosy with your clothing. And then when it comes to Jan, and no-one has any money because they spent it all on presents, booze and food over Christmas, fashion goes a bit down hill. I got a load of ASOS vouchers for Christmas but there aren’t really any trends or new clothing that I want to spend it on! Trust me I am itching to spend it though…

‘and helllooooooo I need something to wear but there is NOTHING’

But I am off to the one and only London Fashion Week VERY soon and helllooooooo I need something to wear but there is NOTHING. Well my wardrobe says otherwise but unlike when people say ‘Why are you dressed up its not a fashion show’ this genuinely is.

The weather DOES NOT help either. One min its sunny, then windy (as in my photo *LOL*) and then next we are forecast snow so what do I wear? Yes it was a little chilly just to wear a jumper out.

But how do you deal with it???

Well you have a few options really which I have been trying to toy up myself. I keep my eye on my trend inspos (atm I am loving Hattie and Mallory Bourn!) and sometimes you just have to deal with the fact that Jan sales and Jan is just not going to be a good time to buy new trends. BUT I have been keeping my eye on ASOS and PLT and Miss Guided for any items I am liking because there is nothing wrong with a little browse! But making the most out of your wardrobe is also key because no matter big or small you can create endless amounts of outfits with a little creativity and imagination. Feel it girlllllllll!

So tell me your tips!!! How do you cope???

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