The Quick And Easy Photography Apps All Bloggers Need!

‘I have tried soo SO many different apps and programs to edit or publish or plan my images’

Oh hey! I hope everyone is having a lovellyyyy Tuesday! How did mine go?? I went into uni for a *optional* (I didn’t know that part) lecture about how to build a website… I know a lot of people would find this super handy but I think I am okay on that side of things… But despite of this HELLOOO we are back to another blog post about blogging.

My blog + my photos + myself have a love hate kinda relationship – although I am becoming happier with the content I produce now, but if you wanna know more about that then look hereeeee. I have tried soo SO many different apps and programs to edit or publish or plan my images. Some I have downloaded and then you realise you have to pay to use it to its full potential and I am always like ‘Bitch no pleaseeee just work!!!’.

The photoshopping apps…

And then you get those kinda apps where people try and edit to the MAX but it looks so fake. No offence if you are into that – just not my kinda vibes if you get me. SO I have made a little list of all the apps that I use and swear by to help me plan, edit and style my grammm.

Untouched – Lightroom – VSCO
Just a few steps of my editing process using some of the apps mentioned below. I took a really basic selfie #selfietime and I took it into Lightroom. Here all I did was make the whites whiter and the blacks blacker. I feel like this just adds depth to your image and more contrast. I also brought the orange saturation up (because I am pale AF at the moment) and also increased the purple saturation to make the stripes in my top bolder. Then I exported it and put it into VSCO where I added my current themes filter of A5 at 6.0 as I feel this finishes the image well!
  1. Lightroom CC – The main way of editing my images for my blog is Lightroom and most bloggers swear by Lightroom. Once you get your head around it not only does it work WONDERS but it also makes editing your photos easy and look profeshhh. But when I am out and about or away somewhere I don’t have my Mac to edit, the app is PERFECT. You can do the same thing on the app as you can on your laptop and it is just v efficient!
  2. VSCO Cam – One of the most well-known filter apps is VSCO and is up there because it doesn’t destroy the quality of your image once you put a filter it. I adore the filters on VSCO and it helps me maintain a constant theme. At the moment I am using the A5 filter at 6.0!
  3. HUJI – Can you really ever get enough of a cheeky Hujiii??? I think not! The whole retro look of the photos and the fact it applies your filters itself is just SIMPLE AND A GOD SEND. I keep my insta stories to a theme of Huji’s and pink writing because I like them looking all beaut and pretty – and I think it looks kinda cool.
  4. Planoly – I have spoken about Planoly before because I have tried several theme planners for Insta however I find this layout the best. Planoly lets you see yah stats and when is the best time to post and to plan your theme. The only downside is that you have to pay if you want to add more than 30 images a month – but sometimes you gotta pay to get the best results!
  5. Unfold – Last but by no means least is Unfold. I came across this when it got ‘popular’. Loads of people were creating similar Insta story layouts using this app and they all looked beaut. You have to buy the separate packs – I have to admit I have bought a few (including the one to make my photo at the top) but they make you images look so cool and funky!

What apps do you swear by for your images??

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14 responses to “The Quick And Easy Photography Apps All Bloggers Need!”

  1. THANK YOU so much for telling about Unfold!

  2. Love lightroom! It’s so good xo

  3. Jacolene says:

    I was literally searching for the app Unfold, cause I see many people use it these days and I had no idea what it’s called – now I know! Haha, would love to use some of the other apps too

  4. priya says:

    Love this post! I really love using StoryLuce for Insta Stories and still swear by VSCO all the time!! RNI Films also has some really lovely filters and there are plenty you can get for free, would definitely recommend! xx

  5. Kitty says:

    I use VCSO too as I love their filters!
    I use UNUM for my insta layout and stats.
    And finally I use Snapseed for my white boarders as I like the white between the photos on my feed to look a bit neater 😊
    Thanks for sharing! 💖

  6. becka says:

    Unfold is a faaave of mine. I do wish I less lazy though as I always forget about it! Doesn’t help Zoella just launched Filmm app and now I’m making short videos for stories instead of photos and using her filters <333. My go-tos for my feed are currently VCSO + Colorstory. I use colorstory for planning my layout, it doesn't have the 'ghost' image where you can see what it looks like if you were to add another image (shuffles images over by one), but it's pretty nifty cuz you can click the photo on layout and edit it to make it match and whatnot!

    • Emily Clare says:

      I totally agree with you Becka! I have just started using the Filmm and colorstory! I so agree with you about colorstory for planning and I did buy some filters on there too because they were so pretty!

  7. Thanks for the recs in this post!

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