The Products That Saved My Hair

“One way to sum up 2018 for me is ‘Big changes so big changes to my hair'”

This time last year my hair was pretty much as dark as it has ever been – like dark brown. Now my hair is literally WHITE. And.I luvvvvvv it so much. In fact one way to sum up 2018 for me is ‘Big changes so big changes to my hair’. I have always been one of those people to, after a break up, change their hair around a bit. So I did in it 2018 by dying my hair blonde and since then I haven’t looked back.

Bleaching my hair…

Yeah bleach is not my friend, nor is it anyones friend when it means bleach + hair. The first time I got it dyed blonde my hair felt fine… like I even surprised myself with that. The second time, I had an Olaplex treatment applied to it, which basically replaces the proteins that the bleach gets rid of. And then when I got it dyed this week, I had a good cut too and the bleach only went onto my roots so my hair is in a good condition.

“Yeah it needed some TLC”

Before I had good inch or so cut off of it the other day I did look at the ends and do that ‘ewwww’. You know when your hair just feels like the Sahara desert??? Yeah it needed some TLC.

I managed to get my hands on the Morocconoil Color Care Collection, which they happened to very kindly send to me. My hairdresser was raving about Morocconoil the other day and how the Argan Oil they do is amazing for making your hair super soft and shiny. I have it at home so I couldn’t wait to try these products.

Honestly, I couldn’t think of anything worse than my hair snapping off. So I have been a regular user of hair masks. This shampoo and conditioner is meant to help reduce anymore stress on your hair. The shampoo is sulphate free and helps keep your color, which for me is a must when my blonde can look orange if I don’t look after it.

“I wish I had a big whole bottle of both because my hair is really thick”

I was AMAZED with the smell of the conditioner because I could smell it in my hair afterwards as well and WOOWOWOWWOW! I wish I had a big whole bottle of both because my hair is really thick, like Suppppperrrrrr thick so I tend to have to use a lot of product, so the mini bottles will only stretch a few washes.

My most fave thing from the set is the Protect and Prevent Spray because I always blow dry my hair, so I need to use spray on it every time I wash it. BUT this spray also reduces brassiness which with bleached hair its a *bloody godsend*

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