A Whole New Type Of Confidence

‘I actually did for ONCE in my life feel confident with the way I looked because I had never have thought I would put myself in a bikini’

How many confidence boosting posts have I done?? Like ‘Ooooh look at me I don’t care I am full of self-confidence!!’ but I wasn’t. I never have been self-confident whether that is with my body, my work, my blog its always been a constant battle.

The last post I did about it was about confidence in a bikini. I actually did for ONCE in my life feel confident with the way I looked because I had never have thought I would put myself in a bikini. I had worn bikinis before, but I never felt comfortable and I felt like I had to wear high waisted bikinis to cover up. So when I went to Croatia and I wore ‘different’ bikinis I was soooo so haps.

After Christmas and New Year (and my b-day) it is enviable that because of the mass amount of food and delicious beverages that you consume, you will put on weight. If you don’t then well…. you’re lucky AF. This time last year this happened to me and I felt so down, and not happy with my bod. I did that gym rush as everyone seems to do in January and it did pay off!

I want to eat that food…

But this year is different. I have come to accept that I can binge eat over Christmas and have one or five too many drinks and yeah I might put on a bit of squishy-ness but yeah I know once I go back to the gym it will be all good. I am more about having a good time, eating the delicious things I want (we are talking lots of camembert and halloumi-pigs-in-blankets!!) and not giving a damn. Life is too short!!

This new crazy wave of confident also is about taking more time to do what I want to do, being happy with my work *I am a bit of a perfectionist*, getting my hair done if I want too, and trying not to get down about boys or friendship issues. INDEPENDENCE AM I RIGHT LADIES!?!

Whyyyy has this happened? I don’t know it almost clicked when looking at the piles of chocolate I have in my room and I know I cannot waste that. LOL.

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4 responses to “A Whole New Type Of Confidence”

  1. Love this post! I felt the same in feeling guilty for enjoying all the Christmas food, but I’ve started working out so it’s balancing it out!
    Yes to being independent! I’ve struggled with friendships that fizzle out, and I’ve been investing more time into people I know will be there for me!x

  2. Love your photos! I feel you on the food thing! Xx

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