New Year New 3INA Products

‘The women in 3INA asked if I had ever tried their products and I said ‘I have a blog and I have just been sent a few actually’

Just had a massive stress over my photos because UGHHH I just hate flatly with a passion I feel like I can never get the knack of them and one day I just finally want t be able to conquer the flatlay!! Maybe that won’t be today, but hopefully another day.

I remember when I went to London in 2017 and I was having a nose around Covent Garden and I went into the 3INA shop. The women in 3INA asked if I had ever tried their products and I said ‘I have a blog and I have just been sent a few actually’. THE PRIDE WAS REAL. When you start a blog you just don’t expect that. And when 3INA contacted me again in November asking if I wanted to try a few of their best sellers I was over the moooooon! (Yes this post is gifted).

So being a bit of a long time luuvvveerrrrr of 3INA I was using these products straight away. If you have never heard of 3INA (pronounced mee-na) then they are a makeup brand who are a little bit out there, do not test on animals, have sustainable packaging and have really amazing liquid lipsticks!! *Keep reading to hear more*

Very were very generous and sent me a few things including…

<< The Longer Lipstick 501 >>

I have tried so many liquid lipsticks in my years of. being a bit of a makeup junkie, some good and some not so good. I firmly have to say 3INA’s is up there with the liquid lipstick gods!! This colour is especially so SO beaut. Its a deep berry shade that sits really well on the lips and doesn’t feel too heavy. I really tested out the longwear concept of it too one weekend, and I wore it all day at work. I ate and rank to my hearts content and I NEVER had to reapply it. SERIOUSLY!

<< The Definition Mascara >>

This product literally came just in time as I had just ran out of my usual mascara. I have always been a bit sceptical about trying new mascaras because I like to stick to my faves. This mascara is really natural on the eyelids and isn’t clumpy. I read some of the reviews and are you have to wipe some of the excess of the brush first however what I love about this mascara is that it isn’ too thick . For me thick mascaras damage my eyelashes and hurt them too, so this is really up my alley.

<< The Highlighter 200 >>

This is the second highlighter 3INA have sent me and I am so glad they have sent me the pink one. I don’t own a pink highlighter and I have never tried one so I got to push the boat out. It is really dainty on the skin and saves time in the morning as I don’t have to apply blush with it!! They always have a beauttt glow about them! And it is safe for the vegans out there!

<< The Cream Eyeshadow 317 >>

Again, this is not my first time with one of 3INA’s cream shadows but I do think they are my fave cream product out there! I was never really a cream gal just because powders are my go to with most makeup, however this eyeshadow just blends so easily and gives a perfect natural look to the eye. I adore this shade and think it will be perfect for easter. They don’t sit heavily on the eye so doesn’t crease. BINGOOOO!

<< The Eyes and Lips Makeup Remover >>

3INA is such a diverse brand that is covers everything from makeup to skincare, and the majority of their products are vegan. This makeup remover makes the makeup glide off your face. Sometimes with makeup removers, your face can be left feeling tight and dry but this is gentle on your skin as it is paraben free.

Have you ever tried anything from 3INA??

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