The Christmas Jumper Edit

‘I have had the same tacky Christmas jumper for the last however many years and this year I wanted something a bit classier’

IT’S CHRISTMAS EVE! The plan was that I would put a post up yesterday (Christmas Eve-Eve) but we travelled up to Nottingham and I might have left my SD Card with my images for that blog post at home… Oh well! Just means you’ll get it later this week! So instead I thought I would do this post… which I am v excited for anyway! My Christmas jumper edit!

I thought this followed up my last blog post << The Comfiest Jumper Dress >> quite well considering some might say my jumper collection is a slight ‘problem’?!? I have had the same tacky Christmas jumper for the last however many years and this year I wanted something a bit classier. When I originally said that my mum looked at me like ‘WTF there is no such thing as a classy Christmas jumper’ but I think I found a good’un.

I do like a good tacky jumper – I saw one which had ‘Gin-gle bells’ on it which considering I work behind a bar I found quite fitting. But I have done the tacky before hence why I wanted a change. However I do find that the tackiest jumpers do get you in the Christmas spirit well.

This years jumper…

Which I have been obsessing over is actually from Tesco! Yep not Zara, or TopShop or River Island my usual places to shop…. Tesco! They have their own brand called F and F and every now and then I do take a look at what they have because you can find some real gems!

They don’t have an online shop which sucks a little bit but this jumper is very beaut. Can you see what I mean when I say ‘classy’????? It hasn’t got any puns on it, or any memes just sequins and I think it looks so pretty! It is so underrated!

I wore it to work when we had carols going on, and I got so many compliments from it because of the excess sequins, but it also matches my my new pleated skirt from Nasty Gal really well making the perfect Christmas Day outfit!

Do you go for a tacky or class jumper???

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