Lush Christmas Haul 2018

“For me a pinochle of Christmas is lush”

In all my years of blogging there is one type of post that I have always written about each year… and yes thats a Lush Christmas haul! If you are new to my blog and haven’t seen the others, you can find last years << here >>.

Anyway, for me a pinochle of Christmas is lush. This year I said to myself I can’t go crazzzzyyyyyy because in earlier years I have been known to spend hundreds on Lush halloween and Christmas products… no joke!! I saw so much that I wanted, including a new bottle of snow fairy shower gel, but my birthday is also in two days time so fingers crossed I might get it then, or for xmas! But I also loveee the look of the snow fairy body mist because I could be smelling of snow fairy all day everyday then!!

I decided to get two bath bombs and a bubble bar (gotta have that mixture) – but I was a little disappointed to see that there was no candy mountain as that is one of my Christmas go too. Like Lush babe why did you take it away??? I did also notice the prices have gone up on their products – I don’t know why, but it didn’t affect me as such because I only got a few products but it might rack up if you get more!

The bath bombs…

The bath bombs I got were Golden Wonder and Cheery Christmas. I had to pick up Golden Wonder because as I have said before its my baby. The first time I ever discovered Lush was with my mum around Christmas  and she bought me Golden Wonder and I was absolutely amazed by it. I love it because in all the years I have bought it Lush hasn’t changed it and it has always looked and smelt the same. It is in the shape of a present but in the bath it goes a gorgeous glittery teal. Golden Wonder is more of a subtle citrusy smell but it leaves your skin feeling so soft. It is also one of the bigger bath bombs!

I have never tried Cheery Christmas before as it is one of the new ones for this year but I loved the fact it was bright pink so I put it in my bag. I have seen photos of the colours it makes in the bath and it looks insane with the blues, purples and pinks. It has a berry smell which makes it almost smell like sweets but you can definitely smell the lemon in it making it nice and refreshing… can you tell I tend to go for the citrusy scents?!

‘This was just too cute to resist!!’

Last but not least I picked up the Naughty Elf bubble bar. This was just too cute to resist!! I mean come on its little hat! This is more of a classic Christmas scent but it has a distinct smell of violets in it. I just think it is completely and utterly adorable! I do love a good bubble bar because I can often squeeze two baths out of them rather than just one two more bang for your buck!!

Writing about Lush just makes me want to do a huge online order but NO I can’t!! Have you gotten anything from Lush this Christmas???

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  1. Just came across your blog and I love it !

  2. love it

  3. You can’t beat Golden Wonder, it’s my festive fav!! I received enough bath bombs this Christmas to last me until next year, cant wait to try them Xx

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