Christmas Tree Picking

‘I did have the honour to put the real one up at work and decorate it so that got me in a right Christmassy mood.’

Would it be Christmas without that classic Christmas tree post???? Every year we always put up our Christmas tree really late because we just don’t get around to doing it. BUT it has to be up for my birthday (which is a week today!!) so it is defo going up this weekend coming. I am not even going to lie, we normally go for a fake Christmas tree purely because there isn’t enough room for it. But it was still nice to go around and have a little nosey at some of the Christmas trees. And it smelt amazing!

I have never actually had a real Christmas tree, but I did have the honour to put the real one up at work and decorate it so that got me in a right Christmassy mood. Last week I had everything thrown at me so having a little wind down by walking through all the Christmas trees was much needed.

Plants Galore…

We went to a garden shop called ‘Plants Galore’ to have a look, there is a few Christmas tree farms but we thought this would be our best option to find any that were left ~ I mean most people probably have already got theirs up! They had so many in different sizes and thicknesses, and I know if I was picking one then I would be so fussy – would have to have the perfect tree!!

I know with a lot of Christmas tree farms you can go get chose your trees in November and put a little tag on it, and then go collect it in December. On the way to the farm we saw quite a few cars with Christmas trees just attached to the roofs and it gives you that slight festive feeling – or that Bah Humbug feeling whichever you are!

There were also lots of wreaths made out real leaves with oranges and cinnamon on, and loads of wreaths with red bows and baubles and they were wreath goals TBH. You could have bought all your Christmas decorations there no worry!

We tend to have a really skinny Xmas tree so it can fit in the corner of our living room or dining room and then its normally decorated purple and gold to match our decor, not the most blog worthy but still cute. SO even though we didn’t buy a tree it was just as cool going around and walking through all the trees!

Do you have a real or a fake tree??

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    I love going to pick out a Christmas tree 🙂
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