The Ultimate Christmas Market Guide

‘I love a good Christmas market because of all the lights, the smells and the general buzz of the market!’

It is most definitely that time of year to start visiting all those Christmas markets! I love a good Christmas market because of all the lights, the smells and the general buzz of the market! This year there is actually quite a lot of Christmas markets near where I live, I know there is one near where I go to uni and a few just up the road so you can bet I am going to have a mooooooch around all of them! 

Last year I had a look around my local one, but it was just after it opened, so there wasn’t many stalls. Don’t get me wrong, Plymouth isn’t exactly like the top Winter Wonderland or Paris Christmas markets, but its still rather cute. So I decided to create a small little Christmas market guide which hopefully covers every type of Christmas market out there – just based around food, drink, fun and accommodation (so everything you need to have the BEST time!). This post is already getting me excited to look around the Christmas markets….

Where to go for Christmas market goals…

There is hundreds of Christmas markets in the UK, and don’t even get me started about all those dreamy European markets that you see on Pinterest *insert heart eyes emoji*. I have not been to these places but sure would I like to! If you want to get all those beaut instagrams and visit some of the best Christmas markets out there then go to Edinburgh, London Winter Wonderland, Bath or if you really want to push the boat out Amsterdam. Why these??? 

Well Edinburgh will be a mixture of tartan, whiskey and Harry Potter looking streets + all those beaut fairy lights. If I were lucky enough to be in Edinburgh for the Christmas markets I can tell you now that I would just be covered in goose bumps from the sound of the bag pipes in the streets. AHHHH! 

As for London, I think everyone has to experience Winter Wonderland because then you can get all your Christmas shopping done in the UK’s capital and I would love to just have a stroll down Carnaby for my shopping. Amsterdam is pushing the boat out, go crazyyyy as it will be snowy canals, warm drinks and just ice rink galore! 

Food and Drink Goals…

I think at Christmas markets you will find some of the best and rustic foods. Like last year the trend was Yorkshire pudding wraps (which I have already seen a stall for so you can find me there) and I think I also have tried Pizza fries at last years Christmas market! The ideas are so random but you can find some of the best food and drink at the markets. So take so cashhhh and I would try out samples from each stalls. The majority of stalls at Christmas markets are food, or some places like Amsterdam have separate food markets so eat your heart out!!

Also what is a Christmas without a hot choc or some mulled wine??? Some stalls do proper cute little mugs with them and it will also warm you up! Prices will vary for each Christmas market that you go to, for example London will most likely be double the price of places like Plymouth so take a bit of spending money for sure!

Travel and Accommodation on a BUDGET…

If you are looking to have a cute little weekend away to a Christmas market, or plan to go overseas then you will obvs need travel and accommodation. If you are like me and need to save every penny you can then budgetbudgetbudget is key but you have to have a bit of luxury too…. 

For flights I recommend going to www.skyscanner.com because you can put inn your airport and destination and then find the cheapest flights across all the different airlines. Honestly this website is a life saveeeerrrr (or at least a time saver!).

If you are going by train then even if you don’t get the train often I SO RECOMMEND getting a rail card. My rail card gets me 30% off my tickets (WOW) and trains these days are soooooo expensive so spending £10 more on a railcard, which you will most likely use again then go for it. 

In terms of accommodation, then good ol’ trusty trip advisor will help, but also have a lil’ google about winter deals and you can also get Christmas market packages which are a bargain! It is literally all about looking around! If you are heading to London then I would recommend looking at hostels because there are some really decent, cheap and funky hostels that you can stay in!

Let me know in the comments what Christmas markets you are planning on going to, or ones you would recommend!

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