The Most Wonderful Time Of The Year

‘Bring on all the Christmas music, the decorations, the festivities and the fooooood!’


How? On Earth? Is It December????? Like really where has the time gone? Don’t get me wrong I am so bloody excited for December… like *really* excited. Bring on all the Christmas music, the decorations, the festivities and the fooooood! I didn’t even get chance to post this on the first of December because I was busy at work, but better late than never right?! Sorry not sorry but I have actually been listening to Christmas music for a while anyway (shhhhhhh I know its bad luck but IDC). I am in that ‘half Christmas half I don’t actually know what is happening right now’ mood because I feel like the past three months have gone so quickly and blended into one.


I have done ‘Blogmas’ but this year I have decided not too. Past years when I have done blooms it was a lot of effort and I mean A LOT and because of trying to get all the posts up my content was pretty naff. If I was a full-time blogger and had more time to spend on my blog then it would be the best blogmas eveeeerrrrrr… but I don’t have the time. So I am going to make better content, more Christmassy content too instead!


‘Honestly, I cannot wait to get all festive!’


I feel like I am already struggling with content, because I tried getting some flatlay pics but the lighting was awful (I mean it is December so it is just DARKDARKDARK) and I keep seeing loads on Instagram and I am like thats soooo dreamy. I have some ideas of the content I want to post, and I want to make it as profeshhhh but fun at the same time. Honestly, I cannot wait to get all festive!

So what will you be seeing on my blog?? Well as a little taster we have Christmas tree picking, the best Christmas jumpers out there, some reallyyyyyy yummy Christmas cocktails and posts about my local Christmas markets to get in that festive mood! So make sure you are following my blog to keep up with it! I mean we might even have a little flash back post to previous blogs at Christmas so if you want a LOL then keep your eyes peeled.

Also this month is my day of birthday… yep I will be celebrating my 19th birthday and getting ever so closer to that big 2-0. I haven’t got many plans for that yet but I am sure I will blog all about that too. I am not a hugeee fan of ‘What I Got For….’ posts because I don’t want to come across like I am bragging however if you would like to see that then let me know!

What are you looking forward to most this December? Are you taking part in blogmas?

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8 responses to “The Most Wonderful Time Of The Year”

  1. Just love this time of the year! ❄️

  2. I adore that scarf! So cute! I’m looking forward to December – so much cheerier!

  3. Im taking part in my first ever Blogmas this year and it is bloomin’ scary haha! I don’t honestly blame you for not doing it this year, it takes so much time but I am pretty excited to see if I can hack 24 daily blogs on the trot. Wish me luck! x

  4. Harriet Rose says:

    Cute outfit 💜

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