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‘When there is a new Botanics range out what more could a girl want?!’

I do love testing out new skin care pics, especially when this time of year my skin really needs that TLC because of the cold weather. And when there is a new Botanics range out with their new #ThePlantOne scheme what more could a girl want?!? I feel a bit blessed by the skin care gods, my skin isn’t that bad considering I wear makeup pretty much everyday, so I have to give it something back to make sure I get no blemishes. Although there is always that heartbreak when I do get some spots LIKE NO GO AWAY.

Hot Cloth Cleansing Balm

I’m not going to lie about my skin care routine and say its this big lavish routine I stick to… because this G ain’t got time for that. So when I find a new product that really excited me I LOVVEEE it because I get so excited to try it out! When Botanics Kindly sent me the Hot Cloth Cleansing Balm I tried it out pretty much straight away. I did feel a bit like I had to have a lesson in how to use it – hence why I am not a skin care junkie. But I think I used it right??? I felt like it was very kind to my skin, and it really made my skin soft. It’s one of those products you will have to use over and over to see the full effects but the whole idea of it pulling out impurities fascinates me!

Radiant Youth Microdermabrasion Polish

“BIG WORDS AHHHH”. Don’t worry I am not a scientist either so don’t even make me try to attempt how to pronounce that. But this beaut of a product is a bit like a cleanser or literally a polish for your skin. It’s all about making your skin look more youthful… and with all the stress from uni work at the moment 4SURE I need it! It will get rid of all those dead skin cells, which has been helping me with my dry skin (any other dry skin sufferers here you go!). I felt that my skin had a glow to it after using this, and it didn’t make my skin feel super tight either ~ you know that feeling after you have done a bit of a rigorous skin care routine!

Pillowed Muslin Cloths 

I feel like Botanics were one step ahead of me. It’s almost like they have read my mind about me going to luvvvvvv the hot cloth cleansing balm so therefore going to need the extra cloths. You DO get one with the balm itself but it is also good to have the back up options. They are also super soft so will leave your skin feeling pamper, loved and not like you have been rubbing sandpaper all over it! The packaging on all the products I feel also suits its natural theme in its ingredients and for their reasonable prices it doesn’t feel cheap!!

What skin care products will you be using this winter???

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  1. What a coincidence! My stepfather went to London at the beginning of this week (we live in Belgium) and I asked him to pick up both of these Botanics products in Boots. Sadly they were completely sold out so I won’t be able to test them out myself in a long while. Reading your review makes me want to try them out even more!

    -Jennifer x

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