The Urban Decay Naked Heat Palette

I realise I should have done this post this time last year when the Urban Decay Naked Heat palette was all the hype, I swear everyone bought it at the same time! I have only gotten around to doing it because I got it for my birthday last year, which was December and I wanted to save it for a more autumnal post. I mean if the Naked Heat palette doesn’t scream autumn to you then I honestly don’t know what palette would!

I have never actually tried the other Urban Decay palettes. I have all the dupes you can think of, but I never got the originals because I knew I would never use all the shades, but when the Naked Heat palette first came out I honestly fell head over heels! The shades consist of 7 mattes and 5 shimmers, so a good lil’ combo.

I was really impressed with the packaging with this palette. It is a sturdy plastic shell which means it won’t get messy or damaged like cardboard packaging (I HATE WHEN PACKAGING GOES LIKE THAT). It also comes with a double-ended makeup brush ~ if that’s a proper technical term?? ~ but it actually is one of my favourite shadow brushes because it’s so soft. I remember when getting a Kylie Jenner eyeshadow palette and the brush from that was pretty scratchy and I was like NAH NOT GOOD.

So the colours that I use the most are Sauced which is a warm brown shade which I love just as a transition shade in my crease and its a honey type colour. Low Blow is also a slightly darker colour but also perfect for a good crease shade. Then the bolder colours that I normally end up using is Scorched (a beaut shimmer shade) and then En Fuego which is a deep red – almost Burgundy. It is lovely and dark for the outer corner or if I feel a little daring I will put it under my eyes too.

Unlike a lot of my eyeshadow palettes which I buy and then put on my shelf and don’t use again (WHOOPS) I tend to grab for this one the most. The colours are so ME and I find that they are so easy to blend = super quick to get the perfect look!!

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