In the whole two and a half years of blogging, I have never EVERRRR done a Q+A like can you believe that?? Because I know I can’t! I love the idea of answering your questions and finding out what you want to know. To me It feels like having a little chat and to me well thats cuteeeee! I really want to do more Q+As and maybe it could be a monthly thing?? Maybe? Possibly?? COULD BE?? Whatcha think??

I did a little question story ‘thingamabob’ on Instagram – and I also just popped it in Twitter as well for you to ask ANYTHING you wanted to know so I better get answering!!

Also if you would like another one of these then put your questions in the comments!

What is you university course about?

I am studying Fashion Media and Marketing which is basically in a nutshell… the MOST PERFECT course for me. I am only in my first year and so far we are looking at photography, trend forecasting, marketing and social media and it is so interesting, so in-depth and suits everything I have been working towards with my blog. I am also super lucky that its right on my doorstep (well a bus ride away…).

Where do you find your inspiration (photography wise)?

This is a hard one because sometimes my ideas just come into my head, sometimes its by scrolling aimlessly through Pinterest, or looking at fellow bloggers (Primrose from Style Petal has the most insane photos!) and sometimes its the seasons. I mean autumn is easy = leafs and brassy colours and winter is for me dark green inspired pics.

Has your career goal ever changed and, if so, what were you previously working for?

When I was younger, before picking my A-Levels even though I loved fashion I was set on going into psychology, but then I realised I was only choosing that because academically I was told I shouldn’t be doing fashion. But I changed my mind and took fashion and now I am even doing a degree in fashion! My mind changes all the time as to what I want to do in the fashion industry and I have literally just changed my mind again so I am supersuperSUPER lucky to have a course which allows me to do that!!

Why did you start blogging?

I started blogging because I was always into the YouTube scene but never wanted to venture into it at a young age – so I went for the blog and I would 100% choose my blog over ever making a YouTube channel because I also feels like it allows me some privacy.

What got you into blogging and what makes you the most inspired to write?

It might sound odd, but after I go through a bit of a down phase as in the way I feel about my blog and my photos there is always that BURST of inspiration. I will feel down and then be like ‘I need to get my arse into gear and do something’. I think I am going through that today…. HA ha!

What’s the best editing apps that don’t kill the quality?

I use Adobe Lightroom both on my Mac and on my phone and that for me is 100% the best editing app because it is so professional and never kills the quality. In terms of filters I would stick by VSCO Cam because there are loads of free filters and you can buy more VVVVVVVery cheaply and it is well-known and used by many bloggers!

What are you favourite photos to take?

I love taking outfit photos – I am always wanting to take some and always thinking about wear to take them. Flatlays are my least fave by far! Only because I did so many originally and now I feel like I am so bad at taking them!

Do you have any tips on getting ideas for your blog?? (love yah)x

LOVE U JAMES. I have a good read of other bloggers, literally just spam read loads and that sometimes gets me in the mood to create something, sometimes I just randomly think of something and MAKE SURE to write it down because I know I will forget it (!!). But if I am really struggling I have a list of ideas that I made back in the summer so I go to that!!

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