Taking A Breather

You know that moment when you finally get to come home after a busy day, sit on the sofa and just BREATHE?? Yeah isn’t that just lusshhhhhh?! Being able to take a breather is beauttttt! This is one of the posts where I am going to get a little bit real with you because my heads been a bit everywhere lately, in a good way because there is just SO much going on but that’s why I feel like I have been taking a little bit of a break from my blog…

Obviously I do still blog I am not going to abandon it! I’ve put too much bloody time/effort/money in for that!! When I started university I think I was a bit oblivious to how much work I would have to do – I mean I had no clue TBH. I really enjoy the work I have to do for uni though, like it’s all mood boards, creating online profiles, and photography ~ its not boring essays THANK GOD!

But with work, trying to keep up on a social life and uni taking blog photos is becoming a huge ass challenge it’s always ‘Mummmmmmm can you take some photos for me’. I am that person who always.texts.back.first and puts anything else before the *thing* I have to do so blog photos never really happen.

I have been so busy (as I keep banging on about it) but its good! During the summer I did F all because I had nothing to do – but my blog was Peng because I had so much time to spend on it – but now I feel like my blog is limping behind. However I had to come to some sort of arrangement or I would probably go a bit stir crazy.

I have decided to blog when I feel like it, and not worry about sticking to any schedules or having to upload every two days. Realistically I was looking at other bloggers and realising that they don’t upload as often as I was and that maybe it would BENEFIT my blog by not uploading every second of the day. You would get sick of me…

I don’t want any of those boring posts, or rushed ones from now on it will be focused and quality blog posts (YAY) and I will invest more time into each one. I need to step back and just do what is going to make me happy — not stress myself out #stresshead.

This has been a bit of a non-post rant style but I would love to know what you would like to see my blog about through this Winter! So PLEASE let me know in the comments or contact me on social media!!

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